Vikings: Age of Warlords, Fun Game to Replace CoC

Vikings: age of Warlords  appeared which presented the concept of the victories of the Vikings who were fond of war and at the same time had high culture. In this game the player leads a Viking clan to create the strongest nation that occupies the surrounding area. Vikings: Age of Warlords presents an exciting sensation in this one genre game.


When you play it for the first time, players will find an advisor figure. Its main task is to guide the player through the game. Starting from a cliché story about war in the future, players are presented with a tutorial on Vikings: Age of Warlords step by step. The available tutorials are quite smooth when played. If players are already familiar with playing resource gathering games like this, it is possible that players will skip this tutorial because they get bored easily. After completing a number of missions, players are free to determine which menu they want. Players can continue guided missions step by step in establishing a clan, but players can also use their own way.


Gameplay that is served Vikings: Age of Warlords provided two kinds, including resource gathering and battles among clans. Resource gathering can be carried out by constructing several buildings in the city area or also exploring the world map. The exploration includes encountering monsters found in the map and then finding resources found in an area.

The main resources that can be collected include: wood, food, silver, and tech points. In addition, there are various types of currencies that can also be collected, such as poker tokens, gold and VIP experience. All these currencies have additional benefits that can be obtained from achievements or In App Purchases.

Next is the battle between clans. If the player has reached a certain level, the menu for raiding the city from another clan can be directly accessed. Players can watch the troops they lead fight and then have the option of adding troop support if they have one. When going to attack, players should finish scouting first. Players need a thousand silver. If successful, the player will know the number, type, and number of troops the enemy has in the city. If the enemy troops have less strength, then it's the right time to attack.

Strategy Play

If the player has not played in the game for a long time Vikings: Age of Warlords In this case, the real challenge only appears when entering level seven. In this level, players can attack other clans, but on the other hand, players can also be attacked. Therefore, players should have a clan that will protect them from the attack of the opponent as well as help the attack. Players can move the city to a fairly strategic location, which is around the city of a member of an alliance.

In order to win a battle, communication between alliances is vital. Therefore, players must check if the language used can be understood and have the same playing time. Observe the mobility of other alliance members so that at any time they can help to occupy the enemy city. When a player can occupy a city, it will automatically get additional bonus resources. The target for occupying Viking territory was getting closer.

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