Top 5 Terminator PMPL ID Season 3

Top 5 Terminator PMPL ID Season 3

Here are five players who managed to become Top Terminators in PMPL ID Season 3 with a lot of kill points!

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 3 has ended and the title of champion went to the Geek Fam ID team, and managed to qualify for the PMPL Sea Finals later!

There were so many moments that we could take in yesterday's match, where we could see the underdog teams starting to improve their performance.

Especially the players who managed to collect a lot of kills, and managed to become the Top Terminator during PMPL ID Season 3.

Unexpectedly, one of the players from GG Gids managed to become the Top 5 Terminator in this tournament. It's a testament to the fact that there are still potential players out there.

Top 5 Terminator PMPL ID Season 3!

Looking at the posts and data taken from PUBG Mobile Esports ID, the top position fell to BTR Ryzen.

The interesting fact is that even the top three positions went to the roster of Bigetron Red Aliens in order, Ryzen, Zuxxy, and Luxxy.

Underneath it is Star from GG Gids, and also Jayden from Aura Esports, the five of them were the players with the most kills throughout the tournament.

The following is the order of the Top 5 Terminators this season:

  • BTR Ryzen with 155 kills
  • BTR Zuxxy with 129 kills
  • BTR Luxxy with 125 kills
  • GDGIDS Star with 123 kills
  • Aura Jayden with 122 kills
Top 5 Terminator PMPL ID Season 3
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On the other hand, positions 6 and below also have very high kill points and even exceed 100 kills.

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Like what is currently being discussed, PUBG Mobile in Indonesia is growing, and even big teams have a chance to lose.

There are a lot of talented players out there who may not have been seen, and when they made it into the Pro Player Scene, it was a surprise for Indonesian Pro Players.

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