5 Tips for PC Gaming to Improve Performance

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If you're looking for PC Gaming tips to improve its performance, look no further. If you're using a 20 million PC, AAA-like games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and Elden Ring, it might feel like a waste of money.

Some settings change power delivery to components. Some even undervolt and underclock components for better system stability. However, this tweak changes the performance of the component, which can make it look less than satisfactory to the layman.

PC Gaming Tips

So, let's take a look at the tips Best Gaming PC which can help you increase your maximum performance in playing games.

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Close Background

PC gaming tips
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Closing unnecessary backgrounds is one of the most important tips for improving performance on a gaming PC. The process takes up available computing power, thereby limiting how much video games can use.

Windows Task Manager can be used to close background applications. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open it. Then, select the seemingly unnecessary tasks and hit “End Task” to turn them off.

This will free use CPU and memory. These resources can then be utilized by the game, thereby increasing performance.

It is important to note that some processes are essential for the optimal functioning of a PC, and thus users should only terminate processes that they have previously checked.

Activate Windows Game Mode

PC gaming tips
Windows games

The next PC gaming tip is that you have to activate Windows game mode. Windows has a built-in Game Mode. Enabling it can be considered as one of the most important secret tips to make your gaming PC faster because many don't know its impact.

Game Mode improves power delivery to certain components and sends the OS into an inactive state when it detects a video game is running. This raises the level of performance by a solid margin.

Update Graphics Card Driver

PC gaming tips

Outdated graphics card drivers can cause sub-optimal performance in some video games. Newer drivers are optimized for the latest titles on the market. Thus, game-ready drivers are able to deliver maximum performance in the available titles.

With driver updates, manufacturers are refining their technology to get more performance out of the same video card. Therefore, we consider constantly updating the graphics card driver as one of the most important tips for improving performance on a gaming PC.

Both Nvidia and AMD allow for customized power delivery to the graphics processor. On AMD devices, you can optimize the card to provide maximum performance by selecting the “Esports” setting. On Nvidia cards, selecting “Prefer Maximum Performance” from within the Nvidia Control Panel will ensure optimal performance.

We consider setting the card to maximum performance as an important step to get the most out of it. This setting will allow the video card to draw 100 percent of the TDP value, allowing it to perform to its full potential.

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Optimize In-Game Settings

PC gaming tips
Online game

Checking the capabilities of PC components is one of the main steps to understanding how far you can push it.

This is because GTX 1060 the old ones can't run every modern game in the current highest settings. So, set the in-game options according to the hardware capabilities of the packaged PC.

While surprising, dropping the in-game setting from Ultra to Very High increases the framerate by a huge 90 percent margin in modern games.

However, this performance increase comes at a nominal cost of visual fidelity. Although the process involves hit-and-trial experimentation, take the time to find the best settings for each game.

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Reduce Monitor Resolution

PC gaming tips

Lowering the monitor resolution can also be considered as one of the most effective tips for increasing performance on a gaming PC. Keep in mind that reducing the resolution can impair visual acuity.

Therefore, we recommend spending more time fine-tuning the graphics options, and consider changing the resolution only if you run out of options.

Alternatively, you can also switch to a lower resolution panel. 1080p images on FHD monitors look much sharper than on UHD screens. This little tip will help if you run out of options.

PC hardware overclocking can be considered as one of the most advanced PC gaming tips for increasing performance on gaming PCs. As a warning, overclocking has the potential to damage PC components.

Double check for adequate cooling and power supply, and appropriate guides on the internet before pushing hardware to its limits.

Overclocking mostly involves tweaking some BIOS settings. However, users can benefit from tweaking graphics card settings from a utility like MSI Afterburner. This will achieve a decent gain in performance when playing it safe.

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These PC gaming tips will help improve the performance of your gaming PC by a solid margin. They have been proven to work by several gamers and hardware enthusiasts on various forums and testimonials. Therefore, we believe we can share it with the masses.

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