Tips for Playing PUBG Squad to Get Chicken Dinner


Currently, many players feel confused when playing PUBG with squad mode. In the end, most players play tailgate with their team without a clear goal. If so, it will be more difficult to achieve chicken dinner.

If you have discussed squad games, the most important thing is how the team lands, loots, and various other things. One of the most important things when playing squad is cooperation. You have to be able to play compactly, don't move alone.

Main Key to Play in PUBG Mobile Squad

  1. Maintain communication in each squad team

The main key when playing the PUBG game squad must be good communication. If communication within the team does not work, the game will not be optimal. you can use the voice chat feature and map alerts.

  1. Squad stay together and protect each other

In squad mode, if you lack personnel, it will be difficult to survive. So do not move alone and do not backup each other it will quickly fall.

  1. Focus on killing the opponent

When doing squad make sure to shoot to paralyze the enemy. Don't be careless in shooting. So do coordination so that it can be easier to paralyze the enemy.

  1. Choose a landing location

When the game has not started, you and your team can choose a landing location. If you and your team want to play safe, it is recommended to choose a location far from the plane. This safe location is indeed quieter but also less for looting. So you have to be smarter in choosing a safe landing location and lots of weapons.

When you get sure you are together with the squad, don't be alone. Usually the ones that land separately are random squads. So when playing squad make sure to be with friends. It aims to be able to protect each other and backup each other.

  1. Sharing weapons and other items

When with the squad, please share weapons and other items. This is so that team members are ready to survive and fight enemies. So when the team can complement each other it will be stronger and easier to paralyze the opponent.

You can provide information when you find an item that your friend needs. So, this will make your friends look more optimal.

  1. Always be alert

When you boot, make sure to always be aware of your surroundings. Don't let your looting get hit by the opponent's attack and die in vain. One thing to watch out for is the sound of footsteps and the sound of passing vehicles.

  1. Play in the early game

When you are looting, make sure all members have got the item they are looking for. The items needed include weapons, vests, helmets, medical equipment and others. After that, you and your team can go to the next location for looting and looking for a safe location.

  1. Make use of the vehicle

When you want to cover a long distance, you can use a vehicle for the squad. Please choose the best driver to drive the vehicle so that it is not easily trapped in a location with many enemies.

  1. Don't just enter the building

When you come to a building, don't be careless and just enter. Make sure the building is safe from enemies. This is where teamwork is needed to ensure the location is safe and can strategize appropriately.

  1. Play in late game

When playing in the late game, you have managed to survive for a long time and become the best achievement. Now is the time to get closer to the achievement of the chicken dinner. Make sure each squad must be alert to sudden attacks from opponents and focus more on defending.

That's an explanation of some tips and tricks for playing PUBG squad to get chicken dinner. Hopefully this explanation can increase your knowledge to be able to play like a pro player.

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