Call Of Duty Mobile Tips, Winning Games for Beginners

Call of Duty Mobile has plenty of intense moments no matter which game mode you choose. In principle, players run, shoot, then they will win. But, that's easier said than done, especially for a novice game. Then, how? Here are the important points Call of Duty Mobile tips so that novice players can win.

Choose Favorite Weapon and Adhere to It

Many Call of Duty Mobile players will only be following certain weapon metas at this point. But for novice players to win in Call of Duty Mobile, the tip is to stick to what you want and what you're good at. Call of Duty Mobile Tips Importantly, if you think you can master the game with an AK gun, stick with it. If you can kill more with the M4, then do it all the time. However, if you stand a better chance with a submachine gun or even a shotgun, then focus on that. However, it's not the meta that counts in Call of Duty Mobile but the way players use weapons.

Choosing the Right Perks

Call of Duty Mobile Tips furthermore, some Perks in Call of Duty Mobile may work naturally with the selected weapon but others do not. It all depends on the style of play and which weapon is chosen. If players want to fire guns, surprise enemies, and get killstreaks then with hip-fire, Lightweight, Agile, and Vulture are the best Perks. It works for SMG, shotgun, or full auto-rifles type weapons.

If players like stealth moves, the recommended Perks are Dead Silence, Hard-wired, and Ghost. Make sure to study all the Perks before selecting them. If novice players want the best results, just mix and match Perks first, test them in battle, then sort out which one is the best according to play style.

Knowing Position

Standing, crouching, and prone positions can also be cases of life and death. As Call of Duty Mobile tips Furthermore, crouching and prone will always help the player to see more accurately because the crosshairs are narrower but will put the player in a crouched position. Meanwhile, standing and running might make the most mobile players. However, do not be surprised if the enemy can kill easily.

When To Hip-Fire & When To ADS

These Call of Duty Mobile tips are also vital. Hip-firing is only good if the player is a frag type who likes to attack enemies. However, Hip-firing is best when the player is using a shotgun or SMG. However when using ADS, players may want to have a specific sight. It is best to use it when in medium or long range against enemies found.

Killing Isn't Everything (Excluding Deathmatch)

Keep in mind that there is no need to lead in kills if the player wants to win the game in certain modes such as Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, and Domination. What matters here is the goal. Even if you don't kill a lot of enemies, the player can always make more points in objective capture. It even rewards more points than just hanging around killing opponents. Remember, the goal is the first while the kill is the second.

Invite Friends When Playing Call of Duty Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile, friends can help win the game, especially if they are also CoD players. This applies to both standard mode and Battle Royale mode. No friends to invite? Players can always invite someone they just met in a previous match.

Watch Call of Duty Mobile Tips Video on YouTube

Being an expert in Call of Duty Mobile is something to be proud of. Because of that on YouTube or other Social Media many will show off their amazing game highlights, while others like to share ideas and recommend Perks to anyone who reads their posts. These players will give you ideas about the best tips and tricks in the game. You can even get some amazing skills that you might never expect to have in Call of Duty Mobile.

Keep Playing for Experience

Not all Call of Duty Mobile tips realistic. But the most important thing is to just play the game as he pleases. The more often you play the game, the more experience you get. At some point, players will be able to naturally develop in-game skills over time. This applies not only to Call of Duty Mobile but also to other games.

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