Tips for Playing Free Fire for Bocil FF, Note This!

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For those of you FF kids, you really need to know how to play Free Fire what is good and right. Let you not be a noob and always die first. Take note of some of these tips!

Garena's Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. By 2022, Free Fire has more than 500 million registered users and more than 50 million daily active players.

Beginners who are new or those who are just starting out with Free Fire may feel daunted and confused playing against gamers who are much more experienced.

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It's important to know the do's and don'ts of any game before you FF start playing it and here are some tips for FFs just starting out with Free Fire.

Tips for Playing for Boys FF

Although the task may seem impossible, you can push rank without hiding. By following a few tips and tricks, Bocil ff will dominate the battlefield in no time and secure Booyah.

Know Where to Get Off on the Map


As simple and straightforward as it sounds, pre-planning the drop off location before the jump is incredibly beneficial. This saves a lot of time early in the game and eliminates the problem of early rotation.

Depending on your playing style, you can play hot drop games like Clock Tower and Pochinok or land in less crowded areas like Cape Town and Hangars.

Hot drop locations generate a lot of loot but are highly contested, and there is always the risk of an early encounter with an opponent at these locations.

Paying attention to the surrounding environment is very important. Knowing where the enemy is at all times is critical to success. If players track an opponent within their area, it will be more accessible to would-be counterattacking attackers.

Don't Waste Time Just Looking For Loot


While launching with a perfect load is the ideal scenario, it's not achievable in most cases. Get what you can in the game early and never say no to utilities like Grenades and Flashbang.

The looting process must be fast and be careful so you don't let your guard down when looting. Getting the perfect loot is not an instant act but a building process.

After players land and loot an area, they must mark a new location on the mini-map and rotate. During this rotation, any useful loot found along the way must be retrieved. The importance of loot and good supplies in Free Fire cannot be overstated.

Ready for battle

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A common mistake that bocil ff usually makes is running away from a fight. Be responsible for not only excelling tactically, but also a healthier way to approach the game.

Although you may struggle in the beginning but with more experience, you will develop a strong mentality and good combat skills.

Instinctively, most players will look for hardcover when shot. While this is acceptable when playing against bots, the gloo wall should be used in ranked mode. While these can be confusing at first, they become second nature in Free Fire with enough practice.

When the safe zone is about to shrink, players must ensure that they are on high ground. This has many benefits. They'll be able to see nearby enemies turning around clearly, shooting at enemies with ease, and fighting off anyone who tries to attack you.

Take advantage of the Practice Mode in Free Fire


No success can be achieved in any multiplayer game without regular practice in the right direction. There are training modes available in the game, and it is important to use them properly.

Trying each weapon in training mode will give new players an idea of the recoil and drop patterns of each weapon.

This is also great way to improve accuracy and thoroughly study various map locations.

While hiding isn't the best tactic to use, it's also not playing too aggressively. Underestimating the opponent and striking in the head first will not end well. Players need to take things slow and only engage in fights when they have the advantage.

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Play Safe


One of the best ways to ensure a steady rise in the ranking system Free Fire is to play safe games. Although the total number of points earned in each match will be low, players will have the highest chance of reaching the end zone.

Once in the end zone, players must carefully navigate their way past opponents and try to secure Booyah.

Finishing at the top of the rankings shouldn't be too difficult as the safe gameplay implies that sufficient supplies must be gathered for the duration of the match. If done correctly, players will have enough ammo and medkits to defend easily.

When players enter ranked mode in Free Fire, things get intense. Bots are gradually replaced by players, the skill gap increases and the competition is much more challenging. Securing Booyah was starting to become a problem.

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Most bocil ff choose to hide and play it passively. This allows you to reach the end zone sometime. However, players don't get many points by camping in the game. Without getting kills, climbing the tier rank will be slow.

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