Cyberpunk 2077 teaser


hey it's me

just the got a word on fresh job coming up, but

imma need some help to do this one right

i'll send the detail soon but be ready ok?

sounds it is gonna be big

Cyberpunk 2077 teaser

Yep, after seeing the transmitter on twitter some time ago, December 2nd to be exact

we are sure that cd projekt red will be releasing at the appointed time

after previously being postponed 21 days because the CD project wanted to do it

fixing on several console platforms such as the Xbox series and especially PS5 because it is scheduled to be released on 12 November 2020 close to this game itself

This game is scheduled for release on December 10 worldwide.

there are slight differences from some platforms, for PC platforms and google stadia, scheduled release at 00.00 GMT or on 10 Dec in Indonesia

while for the console platform, it will be released at midnight according to local time.

hmm looks like those who have a console will be able to play it first huh?

the following is a gameplay snippet from cyberpunk which was released officially on the cyberpunk 2077 yt channel

some time ago, on reddit there was a gameplay demo snippet which was uploaded for 8 hours by a reddit user who is reportedly a journalist at a gamer's media.

It is reported that CD Projekt Red has deleted the video footage and prohibited any gameplay streams other than the footage uploaded by CD Projekt Red.

The following is a gameplay snippet from Cyberpunk 2077 which was uploaded some time ago


in this game, you can choose how the character you create, live the story from story mode. every choice you choose will be able to change the story line to be very different

this is really suitable for those of you who like the story rich genre

lifepath, is the term used in this game, there are 3 lifepaths: nomad, street kid, and corpo

every lifepath has pros n cons in the aspect of gameplay that you will play.

street kid, the character you play is named 'V' a character who lives in Night City. they are known to be gangs, street thugs and are usually seen as night city residents as lower class citizens.

where for sure, you will have a better chance in the late game, because of the many acquaintances you know in the dark Night City

nomad, here v is part of a clan, a family where this group usually lives in the badland desert outside around nightcity.

they really value what is called family above all else. but at one time v had to leave their family.

In the story, V leaves his family in Badland Desert, goes to Night City to find work and start a new life.

Lastly, Corpo, here you play character V, who has been living in Night City for a long time. started when v was an employee of Arasaka corporation.


Tech weapons.

weapons created using rail gun technology, electromagnetic projectiles. they weaken in fire rate, they increase armor penetration based on how long it takes to charge.

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