The Surprising Collaboration That Free Fire Continues to Do

Free Fire

It can be said, Free Fire continues to make surprising collaborations in each of its latest updates. Yes, you can know that with the release of interesting skins that are offered and the time is quite limited. Inevitably, this moment is a distinct advantage for them to be able to reap big profits.

However, the steps taken by Garena as the publisher of the game are also aimed at maintaining the 'nice trend'. Bearing in mind, Free Fire is now also still perched at the top of the Play Store for the 'best-selling' category.

Therefore, we are also quite interested in discussing the cooperation that was and is currently being carried out by Free Fire. Moreover, there have been a lot of collaborations that have been carried out and it starts with artists, other games, movies and anime that are currently trending.

About Free Fire's Surprising Collaboration

Apart from that, we will also discuss the collaboration carried out last year by a mobile game that was released on November 2, 2017. Remembering, in the last year alone this game has collaborated about six times.

  • FF x Ragnarok

At the beginning of last year, precisely in February, Free Fire surprisingly collaborated with an old PC game that was quite popular, Ragnarok. Offers in-game content with the theme of the MMORPG game. Parties, FF also sells many items, bundles and special pets that can be purchased by the players.

  • FF x Joe Taslim

It didn't take long, Free Fire also collaborated again in mid-March 2020. This time, they also tried to collaborate with a well-known action actor in the country named Joe Taslim. Interestingly, the character named 'Jota' (made similar to the last name) can also be purchased by players in this game in this edition.

  • FF x Money Heist

After a gap of about six months, Free Fire has again caused a stir with its fans with their collaboration with the popular Netflix series, “Money Heist'. In fact, in this edition they also released a new mode called 'Plan Bermuda'.

On the other hand, in every collaboration carried out by the game developed by 111dots Studio, there is also a purchase package related to the theme. As an example, you will also be offered bundles, pets and skins that can be obtained for free or paid.

  • FF x Hrithik Roshan

Still in September 2020, Free Fire also collaborated with its brand ambassador from India named Hrithik Roshan. However, this collaboration was also carried out while the Money Heist edition was still running. Obviously, this decision was also made to increase the number of fans from the Subcontinent Country. Given, the country is quite a maniac for games with the battle royale genre.

  • FF x Kshmr

Not far from the collaboration that was carried out with Hrithik Roshan, to be exact four days later. Free Fire is working together again. This time, they hired a well-known DJ, DJ Kshmr. In this edition, FF also released a new character named 'K' and that is the initials of a man whose real name is Niles Hollowell-Dhar. Plus, in this edition there are also new modes offered.

  • FF x CR7

Perhaps, last December was the culmination of the epic collaboration carried out by Free Fire. The proof, they managed to cooperate with the world's top footballer named Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, in this edition you can also buy a character similar to the Juventus star named 'Chrono'.

In fact, in this edition there are also interesting events that you can try. In addition, there are lots of bundles and weapon skins that you can buy.


Tak berhenti sampai disitu saja, kerja sama yang dilakukan oleh game yang sudah diunduh lebih dari 500 juta kali ini makin menjadi-jadi. Ya, di awal tahun ini saja mereka kembali melakukan kolaborasi mengejutkan dengan anime populer, One Punch Man.

Terlepas dari itu, isu mengenai kerja sama ini juga sebelumnya menjadi perbincangan panas. Mengingat, karakter OP yang bernama Saitama juga dirilis di game tersebut. Ditambah, ada emot baru dengan tema ini seperti “I’m Saitama!” serta “Obliteration” semisal kamu berhasil mendapatkannya lalu.

Yang terbaru, tepatnya pada pertengahan bulan ini. Free Fire pun benar-benar meneruskan langkah terbaiknya itu dengan melakukan kerja sama dengan anime yang tengah hits, “Attack on Titan” (AOT). Semisal penasaran, kamu pun dapat mengecek game ini sekarang. Terlebih, kamu bisa mendapatkan karakter Armored Titan maupun Eren Yaeger.

Jelas, keputusan untuk terus melakukan kolaboras ini bakal menjadi agenda rutin Free Fire. Mengingat, belakangan ini juga sempat berhembus kabar kalau mereka bakal melakukan kerja sama dengan anime terlaris, Naruto. Mengenai kabar ini, kita tunggu saja mengenai kejelasannya nanti.

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