Summon Princess, Easy Hero Collectors Game for Android

Summon Princess is an interesting choice for a 2D hero collector game. This game presents various characters that bring their own skills and elements. Create your own flagship team by choosing the characters you like. The touch of Summon Princess seems fresh and happy for the pleasure of playing it.

So Challenging Gameplay

Summon Princess, as the name implies, requires players to run a summon so they can collect various princess heroes. Then choose the 6 heroes you want to fill in the core team. Level after level must be passed which then also has to conquer the boss at each stage. Players will also get some EXP, Items, Equipment, then also Gold. To make the game more interesting, Summon Princess also completes it with various challenging features such as Guild, Mine, Friend Boss, and Tower.

Players can do 2 summons per day plus various events with diamond prizes. 1-star or 2-star heroes can be exchanged to get 2-star and 3-star heroes. As for 3-star and 4-star heroes, they can be used to form 5-star heroes. 5-star heroes are then used to form the highest Lv.140 hero.

Battle System

In Summon Princess, skill determination can affect the greatness of the team being run. Usually players use a variety of heroes who have complementary skills so that even the enemy team will be overwhelmed. For example, players use a hero with the skill to hit every enemy behind, of course you shouldn't use another hero with the skill to hit every opponent in front because that will only make the target not be destroyed which instead makes the stage difficult to pass.

Hero Upgrades

Players must provide Gold and Soul if they want to increase the hero level or to increase the level. Gold Soul can be obtained with AFK. Players just need to exit Summon Princess and then re-enter the next few hours. The amount of Gold, Soul, and Gold Soul obtained is determined by where to place the hero when idle. The higher the stage selected, the more the amount obtained. Players can also exchange unused heroes for Soul, Gold Soul, or Soul Dust from the Virtual Altar menu. Soul Dust can be used to pay various 4-star and 5-star heroes from the Soul Shop. Players can also kill enemies in the Tower in order to get Gold Souls.

Weapons and Equipment

In Summon Princess, in order for players to obtain new equipment and weapons, they must upgrade their old weapon collection from the Smithy menu. However, players need a large amount of Gold to pay for upgrades. As soon as you get stronger equipment and weapons, just apply them to the main hero.

Arena and Daily Missions

Players can fight with other players' teams in the arena. Both those who win or lose, still receive rewards. The free tickets that players get in this Arena are limited to 2 per day. Because of that, players have to look for it from other activities, namely participating in events or paying for it using diamonds. Meanwhile, for the Daily Mission, players must complete it that day before 10 pm. Daily Mission provides various rewards to increase the strength of the team. The Daily Mission in Summon Princess is quite simple and easy.

Features for Extra Gold

Players can complete Hills every day so they can get extra Gold or Star Feather. Star Feather can be used to pay for various items offered by the Feather Shop, including 5-star heroes. In Hills, the team's supporting heroes can no longer have full HP. Because of that, players have to fight again until all the heroes they have are paralyzed. Players can only wait until tomorrow if they want to fight Hills again. Here players will also get prizes.

Meanwhile, the Bliss Tree is a menu for exchanging Seeds for random heroes that can be selected according to the elements they have. Meanwhile, Wishing Well is a feature to find extra random items. In Summon Princess players can see ads with 30 Diamond prizes, but only five times per day. Because of that, players can use various features in adding prizes that can be taken every day for free.

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