Snapdragon 860 Primadona New HP Mid Range – Part 2

snapdragon 860

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7 Interesting Facts about Snapdragon 860

snapdragon 860
Qualcomm Snapdragon 860
  • Using 7nm . fabrication

Unlike Snapdragon 888 which uses 5nm fabrication, Snapdragon 860 still uses 7nm fabrication just like its younger brother Snapdragon 855/855+, or older brother Snapdragon 865/865+ and 870.

Apart from this, we are actually still amazed that the Snapdragon 800 series processor is no longer specifically for high-end HP, but has targeted the mid-range class.

  • Supports RAM up to 16GB

You know what this means? This means more or less that the new series of smartphones that will use this processor will be able to use a maximum of 16GB of RAM.

Imagine a mid-range cellphone with 16GB of RAM? bottlenecks? Maybe, but it's more convincing that later there will be a smartphone brand that actually embeds a maximum of 16GB RAM for this processor, so we can know how the original performance is.

But it's rich if the 16GB RAM is embedded, the price can't be below 5 million, right, unless Xiaomi wants to repeat its habit of 'crushing the market price'! Maybe, who knows.

  • GPU Adreno 640

Not upgrading the GPU sector, the Snapdragon 860 processor is now still using the Adreno 640 graphics processor (GPU), the same as its sister Snapdragon 855/855+.

The same fate as this processor, Snapdragon 870 also still uses the same GPU as Snapdragon 865/865+, namely Adreno 650.

Adreno 640 is not a 'cheeky' GPU, this GPU can crush the toughest games today, such as Genshin Impact or mainstream FPS games like Free Fire, PUBG, etc. with right-aligned settings.

  • First used on Poco X3 Pro

xiaomi poco x3 pro
Source: GSMArena

It's no secret that until this article was published, no smartphone brand has announced that their next HP series will use the Snapdragon 860 processor from Qualcomm, in addition to the Poco X3 Pro from Xiaomi.

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