Valorant Xenohunter Skin Bundle Release Date and Price

Check this page to see the release date and Skin bundle price Valorant This very cool Xenohunter. Curious? Check it out in full below.

Valorant and the Xenohunter Bundle

Valorant Xenohunter

Valorant is a game Popular FPS which was officially released on June 2, 2020. Riot Games, a well-known game development company, created the game. Valorant is a 5v5 first-person tactical hero shooter that's also completely free to play.

In addition, the game allows users to customize their character skins and weapon skins via in-app purchases. Valorant is a game that is popular among gamers all over the world because of its realistic graphics, diverse game types, and interesting gameplay.

Another component of the game is its skins, which, in addition to the colorful skill set of its Agents, help Valorant stand out from the competition. Valorant is no exception to Riot Games' penchant for creating beautiful skin concepts and implementing them to perfection.

The inclusion of new skins and content has kept the game alive, and now gamers will soon be getting a new skin bundle in the game, which has been revealed to fans.

The Valorant Xenohunter Skin Bundle is the new bundle referenced here. So, let's dive into the specifications of the Valorant Xenohunter skin bundle, such as the release date, price, and first glance.

Over the years, Riot has introduced a number of creative and colorful bundles of Valorant skins for players to equip their weapons with and enjoy in-game.

From dragon-inspired Elderflame to music-infused Spectrum and one for Champions, players are often spoiled for choice.

The developer's next bundle will reportedly be called Valorant Xenohunter. The militaristic skin line seems to be influenced by the iconic Alien franchise. This bundle will bring four new weapon skins, melee skins, player possibilities and gun buddies.

Below is everything there is to know about the upcoming collection of Valorant Xenohunter skins

Valorant Xenohunter Info

Valorant Xenohunter
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Because Valorant is a free-to-play game, Riot makes money selling skins and Battle Passes. Riot introduces new skin bundles to the in-game skin shop every few weeks, and players can purchase additional skins for real money by purchasing Valorant Points.

The Valorant skin bundle is one of the most sought after elements due to its stunning looks, distinct sounds, and finishes.

Previously, the new Valorant Xenohunter skin bundle appeared when ValorLeaks, one of Valorant's well-known data miners, tweeted a new image of the Valorant Xenohunter Bundle, showing the Xenohunter skin variant, and detailing other info. However, now the Valo Xenohunter Bundle has been officially revealed.

As shared by Riot on Twitter, the Valorant Xenohunter bundle will consist of the following weapon skins:

  • Frenzy
  • Phantom
  • Bucky
  • OdinKnife (Melee)
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Other peripherals from the bundle such as weapon companions, player cards, and player titles have not been disclosed. Players get a glimpse of animated melee skins with animations of different gear followed by quick slashes and heavy stabs. Each weapon skin has a scanner shape attached to it.

The Xenohunter VALORANT bundle appears very minimalistic, as mentioned earlier. Skins look very similar to standard leather, which can irritate leather collectors.

The only unique feature of each skin is the heart rate sensor on the edge. In addition, each weapon will have its own unique equipment animation in this skin.

While it's unclear whether the skin bundle will feature a killer banner or finisher animation, floxay on Twitter has reported that each skin will cost 1775 Valorant Points (VP). The price point allows the bundle to be Premium tiered.

Those who wish to purchase the entire bundle will have to pay 7100 VP, with melee skins priced at 3550 VP.

The Premium cosmetic bundle also means that weapon skins can feature upgradeable VFX and finisher animations. As of now, the gameplay shared by Valorant's official Twitter channel does not feature animation.

Given that the Valorant Xenohunter skin bundle was inspired by the Alien franchise, fans are already wondering what kind of animation will come with the skin and whether a chestbuster will be involved.

Most likely the Valorant Xenohunter skin bundle will appear in the Valorant store tomorrow. Currently, the in-game store has two bundles, the Pride collection and the Neptune bundle. The former aligns with Riot's Pride celebrations for the month of June.

The latter reflects the water theme of the upcoming map and the timer on the bundle is set to expire in a day less this time. Xenohunter will likely take its place in the in-game store on June 8. 

The patch notes for the upcoming Patch 4.11 have been shared by Riot for Valorant players to read.

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It will mostly focus on common bugs and exploits while also adding the interesting feature of Clutch Mute, where players will be able to mute their teammates en masse via keybind. How, are you interested in getting it?

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