MSC 2022 Results: RSG PH Wins After Defeating RRQ Hoshi!

MSC 2022 Leaks

Mobile Legends: Southeast Asia Cup 2022 has officially ended and released RSG PH as the champion and RRQ as Runner up for MSC Mobile Legends 2022. RSG PH succeeded in overthrowing RRQ Hoshi after going through 4 matches and issuing EMANN as the Finals MVP.

MSC Mobile Legends 2022 itself was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to be precise at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center and this tournament was held from 11 June to 19 June 2022 yesterday.

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Mobile Legends: Southeast Asia Cup 2022

Mobile Legends: Southeast Asia Cup or also known as MSC is the MLBB regional championship for the Southeast Asia region of Southeast Asia. This tournament will feature the best esports teams from each representative country in Southeast Asia.

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This tournament itself will have 12 esports teams representing each country in Southeast Asia. Later, each of these esports teams will fight each other for a total prize of 300 thousand US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 4.3 billion.

In Mobile Legends: Southeast Asia Cup later, Indonesia will send 2 representatives, namely RRQ Hoshi and Onic Esports, both of whom were finalists in the MPL ID Season 9 tournament, where RRQ managed to become the champion after defeating Onic with a firm score of 3-1.

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MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Results

RRQ Runner Up MSC
RSG PH (Source: Esports Charts)

In the Grand Final of MSC Mobile Legends 2022, this time, the Indonesian MPL Season 9 champion, RRQ Hoshi and the Philippines MPL Season 9 champion RSG PH. In the Grand Final round, RSH PH successfully emerged as the champion of MSC 2022 after playing 4 full games and making RRQ the Runner up for MSC Mobile Legends 2022.

The meeting of RRQ Hoshi and RSG PH at the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Grand Final is the second meeting between the two esports teams, after previously they had met in the upper bracket final and RRQ Hoshi managed to beat RSG PH and successfully bring RSG PH to the lower bracket.

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The course of the match

RRQ Runner Up MSC
MSC 2022 Illustration
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In the first game, RSG PH played quite solidly and showed a perfect defense from RRQ Hoshi's attacks. After successfully holding off 3 lords from RRQ Hoshi, RSG PH was able to hold the pace of the match up to late game and was able to counterpressure RRQ Hoshi.

After the game lasted for 28 minutes, RSG PH successfully performed epic comeback and secure points in the first game in the Grand Final of MSC Mobile Legends 2022.

In the second game, RSG PH managed to steal first blood when overthrowing Vyn. In the second game this time, the game from Xavier in Aqua's hands was able to make RRQ Hoshi difficult and unable to perform optimally.

In this second game too, the combo of Eman with Beatrix and Aqua with Xavier succeeded in messing up the defense and strategy of RRQ Hoshi. After killing each other between teams, RSG PH once again showed its superiority and succeeded in maintaining the winning points in this second game.

In the third game which is also a game where RRQ Hoshi's position is at stake, in this third game Clay uses Xavier's hero and makes RRQ Hoshi have to give up Yve's hero being used by Aqua in RSG PH. In this third game, RRQ Hoshi has not been able to get out of the pressure of RSG PH after losing objectively and many things happened wiped out in this third game.

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The effect of being wiped out made RSG PH strengthen its situation and get points again in this third game.

The fourth game which was also the last match was opened with the death of Vyn who became the first blood for RSG PH. Even a game that has been running halfway has not been able to make RRQ Hoshi turn things around to suppress RSG PH, but the power of RSG PH is still too strong for this game.

In the 16th minute, after the war action, there were 3 players RRQ Hoshi who fell and because of this, RSG PH confirmed its title in the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 tournament.

MSC 2022 Audience Statistics

MSC 2022 Audience Statistics (Source: Esports Charts)

MSC Mobile Legends, which was competed from June 11 to June 19, 2022, has been on air for more than 73 hours in total. During that time, viewers and fans of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have spent almost 35 million hours on broadcast, and the average streaming audience has reached 474,000 people, as reported by Esports Charts.

Of all the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 matches, there are five games that are popular with the most spectators during the match. For the most spectators, there were matches involving RSG PH.

For the final upper bracket, there were more than 2 million PeakViewers, while in the Grand Final there were 2.8 million viewers. Through these numbers, this makes MSC Mobile Legends 2022 with the most viewers.

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