Get to know the PUBG Mobile Role in Season 17! What are the Duties?

PUBG Mobile Roles in Season 17!


  • scout

This is the most important role in Squad PUBG Mobile. This player's job is to do eraly rotation. Players with this role are responsible for gathering information, whether the team's movement path is safe or not. This player must also be ready to be a victim when needed, either entering first when entering a building or luring the enemy to come out of hiding.

You could say that this player doesn't have to be good at aiming, but he must have strong instincts in detecting enemies. This player also has to master every existing map.

  • IGL (In-Game Leader)

As the name suggests, this player is the "brain" of a squad in PUBG Mobile. The task of the IGL (In-Game Leader) here is to read the map for every circle movement, determine which path to take, which way the squad must go to enter the next circle, determine where to stop at the next circle, decide whether to go to war or not, also prepare backup plans. if his master plan fails.

This player needs to have enough skill in shooting/aim fighting. But on the other hand, this player must have the ability to think, make decisions, and be quick to respond.

  • carry

Not only in the MOBA game, in the PUBG Mobile game there is also the Carry role. As the name suggests, carry players must be players with the sharpest shooting skills of the other roles so they can quickly kill existing enemies. With his shooting skills, role carry must also be indulged in terms of weapons and other equipment.

Role carry on PUBG Mobile doesn't really have to think too much about strategy. However, the carry must still have strong special abilities, good enemy-finding instincts, and of course very observant and accurate aim/shoots.

  • Rusher/Fragger

Rusher / Fragger is a dilemma role in battle. Besides, the player has to attack his enemies blindly and barbarically. But they also have to be careful not to burden their team members.

The rusher is tasked with attacking the enemy team members first and trying to give the enemy his full attention while the other team members try to attack in other ways. Usually a Rusher / Fragger is behind the Scout and immediately moves forward when there is an attack signal. A Rusher / Fragger often falls first if the team's plan to ambush fails.

A Fragger must master all types of weapons available. They also have to master any kind of place where the battle starts to attack while doing prone, squat, to shoot bullets while running. That's not all, players with the Rusher / Fragger role must also be able to move positions quickly and precisely.

  • support

As the name implies, Supports act as team supporters. Although he is often underestimated by some players, his figure also plays a vital role in the team. Because in the game PUBG Mobile The number of players in the team is very influential. A team with one player short will have a hard time facing a team with the full number of players.

The main task of Supports / Medics is to keep team members alive until the end of the game. Players who act as Supports usually carry lots of bullets, medical equipment, and grenades. They are more concerned with equipment than good weapons. They will provide the equipment to team members who need it later.

Those were the 5 roles of the players in the squad game PUBG Mobile. Many professional teams use the roles above. This makes their game strategy more consistent and neatly arranged compared to other teams. Of the five roles above, which role is your favorite?

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