4 Reasons Why Chrono Character Is Still the Best in Free Fire

Chrono Character Combo FF

Chrono's character is still the best in Free Fire, despite all the nerfs. Check out this article to find out more about this one character, why it's still the best.

After Chrono's character received a lot of nerf in the last year, Chrono's character's popularity hasn't diminished at all. He is still one of the most used characters in the pro tier, and according to TSG Ritik, almost all FF players use him. In this article, we will show you 4 reasons why the Chrono character is still popular on Free Fire.

The reasons behind the popularity of the Chrono character have been summarized in this article. So, please see the full review below.

The Reason Chrono Character Is the Best Free Fire

Being the strongest character until now, of course there are several reasons that make it often used by FF players until now. For that reason, we have summarized them below.

Player Can Shoot Through Shield

In most battle royale games, shielding is a defensive skill that can increase survivability in exchange for offensive power. However, Chrono's character shield doesn't have that weakness. Players in the shield could shoot out as many times as they wanted, with no restrictions at all.

With a high HP shield, it's impossible for you to destroy the shield in time, even if you still have ammo.

When your opponent pulls out their shield in battle, you'll have to pull it out yourself, close the glow wall, or run to cover and hide. If you can't find cover in time, it will be an easy kill for the opponent.

Over Power in the Last Zone


The final zone is the biggest challenge the squad has to face in the game. You have to fight enemies who are fully prepared in close combat while escaping from a dwindling safe zone. In close combat like this, the side with Chrono's shield would gain a huge advantage.

Multiple players might be able to take cover in one shield and enjoy the bonus. This allows you to play clutch games such as helping teammates stand up while protecting.

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Chrono Shield Has No Limits


Many of the strong character skills in Free Fire have limitations such as EP costs or special weapon conditions. The Chrono Shield has no such thing. This can be combined with almost any passive skill in the game to make a decent to good skill build. Other characters like Skyler need Gloo Walls or EP for their skills to work.

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There is no limit to this skill which gives an advantage for those of you who are not very prepared for sudden attacks from your opponent. Using this character is very popular because there is no limit to the shield.

Ease of Use

Chrono FF

Chrono Shield is so easy to use, you don't even need to aim or consider the time. Just drop the shield and get into it to use it at full power. Overall, passive skills that provide healing are the best to use in combination with Chrono's shield.

The Jota skill that allows you to get HP when shooting is the main choice. Otherwise, you can also use the new character Leon, which will be released for free on Booyah's peak day, November 20, 2021.

In terms of weapons, you can use almost anything when protected by the Time turner. However, for best results, picking up melee weapons is the best option. It would be very easy to clear the enemy in close combat when they couldn't penetrate the shield at all.

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So, those were some of the reasons why the Chrono character is still the most popular and best character in Free Fire until now.

Shield skills in battle royale battles are indeed very useful for avoiding shot damage from the opponent. Players who use Chrono characters can always get Booyah easily. Are you one of them?

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