Top PUBG Content Creators in Indonesia!

PUBG Creator Content

In Indonesia, there is a lot of PUBG creator content that makes you familiar when you open and view it on streaming platforms such as Youtube. Moreover, the battle royale genre game does have quite a lot of market and fans for now. Given, the game is also quite popular for the PC and mobile versions.

Therefore, we will also discuss some streamers that you might watch often, such as liking 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'. Because, these figures have quite a lot of viewers. In addition, they also offer a lot of interesting content that will certainly make you interested in seeing it.

For the details of the content offered, it can be like gacha skins for weapons or from characters in the game. In addition, the gameplay when playing solo or with random people. Finally, they also sometimes leak the sensitivity that they use when playing PUBG.

Here are some PUBG Creator Content in Indonesia

  • Bro Alex

It can be said, Bang Alex is one of the streamers for the PUBG Mobile game which is still very existent and popular.

Given, the initial presence of the man who is identical with the glasses with the videos he uploads on Youtube has had a pretty big impact. Because, many streamers in the country began to appear for this game made by Tencent. In fact, he's had quite a few collaborations with these streamers.

With a personality that is quite funny and has a characteristic when he laughs, Bang Alex uploaded his first video for this game about two years ago. Obviously, that period of time has proven its extraordinary consistency and existence. Remember, PUBG Mobile started out globally in March 2018.

To find out and eliminate your curiosity about Bang Alex, you can also see his content on his Youtube account.

  • Benny Moza

Known as a pro player PC games, Point Blank, Benny Moza are actually one of the few PUBG Mobile streamers in Indonesia that still exist today. Even so, the presence of this figure himself also began to be known by the public when he collaborated with Bang Alex. Moreover, this was also done about two years ago when he uploaded a video on his Youtube account.

On the other hand, both of them at that time also had a team called 'Squad Lawak' with Aris Prihantoro, Stozie and Brewok Gaming.

However, they don't always do this often because there are so many changes. Given, streamers must indeed be required to provide different and interesting content. Inevitably, this bespectacled man also often plays solo, plays with random people or collaborates with other streamers.

  • Supernayr

Having won many titles and sweet achievements on PUBG PC, Supernayr is now also one of the streamers who are quite ogled by PUBG Mobile fans. With all his nicks, this former pro player had no difficulty at all playing the game from Tencent.

Even so, the presence of Supernayr itself is also relatively new, which is about a year for the game, PUBG Mobile. However, this can happen because Benny Moza is a person who has succeeded in bringing and introducing him to the game.

You can also watch his beautiful actions on his Youtube account. Moreover, there is a lot of PUBG PC content (before PUBG Mobile content) that will blow your mind.

Creator Content With Funny Characters on Youtube

  • Garit Dewana

Unlike the three game streamers above, Garit Dewana is one of the streamers for PUBG PC. Although he has started the streaming world since two years ago, the footsteps treaded by the man who now has a facial appearance like the game character 'Kratos' is quite difficult.

Remembering, at that time the game, which was actually quite popular on PC, still didn't have too many fans. Because, to play it, you need a PC with low specs. Obviously, this is different from PUBG Mobile which is known to only require a smartphone.

Over time, Garit Dewana managed to find friends who had something in common in the game he was playing. Moreover, he also made a squad called 'Asylum'.

  • Milyhya

Finally, we will discuss the content of the PUBG PC creator named Milyhya. Maybe, there are already a lot of Youtube connoisseurs who already know the name. Although he rarely uploads videos, every video he uploads is quite funny and inevitably the videos often occupy the 1st trending position for the game category in Indonesia.

For the content she uploaded, Milyhya was able to provide quite funny videos with extraordinary edits when she played the PUBG PC game. Moreover, the duration is also not too long because it is always under 15 minutes.

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