Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Gameplay, and How to Free Download!

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Minecraft has various versions, one of which is Pocket Edition. Minecraft fans can play the game via smartphone devices thanks to the Pocket Edition version.

This time, VCGamers will talk about Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Minecraft PE. More precisely, this article will provide a complete review of Minecraft PE, such as gameplay and how to download Minecraft for Vicigers smartphone devices.

Before discussing about the gameplay and how downloads, let's see an explanation about the history of Minecraft PE below!

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History of Minecraft: Pocket Edition

History of Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition Main Menu Display. Source: Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Minecraft PE is a game title before the Minecraft Bedrock Edition developed by Mojang Studios. The game was specially developed for smartphone devices prior to version 1.2.0 and later versions as Pocket Edition.

After various updates, finally Minecraft PE changed its name to regular Minecraft, especially after the update named Better Together.

However, Mojang decided that there should be a distinction between the two versions so Minecraft PE for PC changed its name to Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft PE was initially released for Xperia Play only for US$6.99 on the Play Store in August 2011. After that, Minecraft PE was released for other Android devices in October 2011 and for iOS in November of the same year.

Even though it was released in 2011, Mojang just gave a full update to Minecraft PE in 2016. In that year, Mojang gave an Ender update which contained The End area to kill Ender Dragon.

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Minecraft Pocket EditionGameplay
Minecraft Pocket EditionGameplay. Source: YouTube/KruGames

The objectives and gameplay of Minecraft PE are still the same as the Java and Legacy Console versions of Minecraft. Players will create various kinds of buildings according to their wishes in an open world that is almost unlimited.

Like other versions, Minecraft PE also has survival elements such as hunger, brewing, Nether, and The End for a more immersive Minecraft playing experience on Android and smartphone devices. apples.

Minecraft PE also has a multiplayer mode. Uniquely, this multiplayer mode offers a cross-play feature which means you can play with other players who use different devices.

However, the cross-play feature doesn't mean you can play with friends who play the Java version of Minecraft. So, the cross-play feature is only for players with the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft.

When adding a version for smartphones, father certainly pay attention to the adaptations that must be made so that control on a smartphone more convenient.

One of them is when a player sees a block, the block will be highlighted. What's more, the system for crafting is also made easier by showing recipes.

Name Change to Minecraft

Update Better Together
Update Better Together. Source: Minecraft Wiki

Initially, Minecraft Pocket Edition was Minecraft specifically for smartphone users. However, over time, Minecraft PE changed its name to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Based on information from Minecraft Wiki, Minecraft Bedrock Edition then changed its name again to regular Minecraft. The name change occurred after an update called Better Together in 2017.

The Better Together update then becomes an update that changes the Minecraft title for smartphones to regular Minecraft. If you search for "Minecraft Pocket Edition" in the Play Store, then what will appear is just regular Minecraft.

In conclusion, you can't play Minecraft Pocket Edition anymore because it's gone thanks to an update called Better Together.

Currently, Minecraft lovers can still play the game on smartphones respectively, but the names alone change to regular Minecraft.

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How to Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition Trial
Minecraft Trial Version. Source: Play Store

For those of you who are curious, here are two easy ways to download the Minecraft PE game. However, you need to remember that Minecraft PE is no longer around due to the name change to regular Minecraft.

To download Minecraft PE, you can download it directly on the Play Store for Androids and the App Store for smartphone users apples.

Mojang as the game developer is still registering Minecraft on the page Playstore so Minecraft PE lovers can still play Minecraft on your respective smartphones.

Unfortunately, Minecraft downloads are still paid. Currently, you can pay Rp. 109,000 to be able to download Minecraft through the Play Store and play it on a smartphone Androids.

If you are not sure before buying, then you can try it first by playing Minecraft Trials. Minecraft Trial is also available at Playstore so you can try it first free.

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Game Minecraft PE
Game Minecraft PE. Source: YouTube/RageElixir

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is Minecraft for mobile devices namely Android and iOS. As time went on and updates were implemented, Minecraft PE changed its name to Minecraft.

The available gameplay for the smartphone version of Minecraft is quite the same as Minecraft Java. However, there are adjustments that Mojang makes for the convenience of playing on a smartphone device.

You can download Minecraft PE on the Play Store and App Store, but you have to pay to download Minecraft. Therefore, Minecraft is not a free game if you want to enjoy all the features available.

Even though it's paid, you can still try to play Minecraft through the Minecraft Trial. That way, you can find out whether you like Minecraft gameplay or not.

Thus the discussion about Minecraft PE. Meet the needs of top up games and Google Play balance to buy Minecraft only at VCGamers Marketplace!

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