5 Best Features in Minecraft Java Edition 2022

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During its nearly 13 years of existence, Minecraft has seen some substantial updates. However, in 2022 there are five best features of minecraft java.

The 1.19 update is in progress and will bring another amazing change to the game. This update keeps the game fresh and interesting for players who have been around for some time.

With the next 1.19 update, there are 18 major updates to the game, each introducing a game-changing feature. Here are the best updates Minecraft Java has received so far.

Minecraft Java 2022 Best Features List

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. This is far from exaggerating, as the game's usage statistics confirm that the game has sold over 200 million copies.

This made it the best-selling game in history, beating out Grand Theft Auto 5 and Tetris, the only games to have crossed the 100 million mark in sales, by a hefty amount.

The game got its full release more than 10 years ago. However, this doesn't prevent the game developer, Mojang, from constantly rolling out updates to keep the game fresh and fun.

The gaming community has basically grown with the game, with many fans in their 20s and even thirties now.

Horse Update

Minecraft Java Edition 2022

Horses have recently become a staple in Minecraft Java. Horses, donkeys and mules were first added with the 1.6 update. This changes how in-game travel works.

With this new mob, the game will forever change. Players no longer have to run and dash through the forest to get a place.

Food lasts longer, and gamers can get to places faster. The update also introduced new items such as saddles, horse armor, and name tags, which have been essential since then.

Village Update

Minecraft Java Edition 2022

The Village Update may focus on villages, but it also adds so many awesome things to the game. Pandas, foxes, wandering merchants, scaffolding, lanterns and most of the villagers' job blocks are added.

Villagers have become very useful after this update as they all have trades accessible via new job blocks. It's now much easier to get emeralds, thanks to this update.

Village Update and Looting focuses on villages and villagers. It changed the village so that their style would match the biome they were in. It also adds a new variant of villager to the game called looters.

Other additions include Looting Outposts, crossbows, raids, “Bad Omen” status effects, Ravagers, Wandering Merchants, foxes, cats, and looter patrols.

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A new variant of the forest, called “Bamboo forest”, has been added. Pandas were first introduced to this biome as well.

Battle Update

Minecraft Java Edition 2022
Bed wars Minecraft

The battle used to be quite simple. Update 1.9 changes all that. It introduces key additions like arrowheads, increased ax damage, shields, remaining potions, and some new structures.

The use of pointed arrows adds a touch to ranged combat and makes the bow much more useful. Increasing the ax's damage makes it a valid weapon too. The igloo, the new City of the End structure, the Chorus Crop tree, and more all kick off in the Combat update.

Nether Update

Minecraft Java Edition 2022
Feather Falling

Nether has been around for some time, but received a major overhaul in the 1.16 update. New biomes, including Warped Forest, Basalt Delta, and more, are introduced; More dangerous mobs also join the game.

Nether already dangerous, but the 1.16 update raised the stakes massively. It's more dangerous now but also more rewarding to explore as there are more biomes to visit, monsters to fight (and barter with Piglins), and loot to collect.

The Nether update makes significant changes to the Nether dimension in the game. Four new biomes added: Soul Sand Valley, Curved Forest, Crimson forest, and Basalt delta.

Ancient rubble made its introduction into the game as one of the rarest ores. From there comes Netherite, and a whole new level of weapons, armor sets, and extremely durable and fire-resistant equipment.

Four new bottom-based monsters were added, namely Hoglins, Piglins, Striders, and Zoglins. Each mob has its own characteristic biome.

Redstone Update

Minecraft Java Edition 2022

No single item is more influential in Minecraft Java than redstone, and players have update 1.5 to thank for that. Naturally, other updates have tweaked and tweaked the redstone to make it what it is today, but the 1.5 update started it all.

If it weren't for that update, the game would be very different today and probably a lot worse. Redstone has allowed players to make amazing discoveries that have made the game, at least, much more interesting.

Redstone is by far one of the most useful ores in Minecraft. It cannot be used to craft items such as swords and armor such as metal ore, but affects gameplay in other ways.

Redstone is the main ingredient for various recipes and mechanics in the game, which automate certain processes so you don't have to work hard. Plus, it gives a lot of EXP for you to level up faster.

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Redstone can be found 16 levels or below above Bedrock, often in large quantities. One Redstone ore drops about 4-5 dust per block, stacking up to 64 to form one block in inventory.

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