MD101 Mid 2012 Primadona Macbook Pro Lawas

MD101 Mid 2012 Primadona Macbook Pro Lawas

MD101, for those of you who use Apple products, or who are new to using/wanting to buy a used MacBook Pro, surely many of you will get the MD101 recommendation!

Who here wants to have a macbook but is stuck on a budget? Especially if you want to have a MacBook Pro, because the MacBook Air is arguably not good for 'hard work' matters.

MD101 is the cheapest macbook pro solution for you, whose specifications are upgradeable. It has default specifications, 13 inch screen, Intel i5 2.5GHz processor / 4GB RAM (2x2GB) / 500GB HDD / IntelHD Graphics 4000.

MD101 Mid 2012 Primadona Macbook Pro Lawas
Macbook Pro Mid 2012 MD101

Only by spending 5-6 million, you can bring home MD101 used. Then what should you do, if you have bought the MD101?

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Here are 5 things you should upgrade/pay attention to when you first buy/use the MD101!

  • Check the physical condition and all functions of the macbook

Make sure the physical condition of the macbook that you are going to buy is the same as advertised by the seller.

Usually with smooth conditions, this macbook will be priced at a rather high price, so make sure you are good at bargaining, Vicigers!

After finishing checking the physical condition, check all the functions of the macbook, such as wifi, bluetooth, USB port, MagSafe port, etc. Make sure everything is working properly, or as advertised by the seller.

  • Upgrade HDD to SSD

If you get a unit that still uses the default HDD, it will be better and we highly recommend replacing the HDD to a SATA SSD.

You can reinstall macOS or clone the HDD to an SSD. According to Apple's official page, the MD101 supports HDDs up to 1TB and SSDs up to 512GB capacities.

Some time ago we had the opportunity to upgrade a 1TB SSD, it overheated and then got an error. We also haven't found a video tutorial or article that mentions that the MD101 can use a 1TB SSD.

However, because the last time we tried and error, so we do not recommend that you replace the 1TB SSD to MD101.

  • Make DVD ROM a second storage place

Laptop default HDD confused what to do? Actually, we don't recommend you to put the HDD in the DVD ROM slot using a caddy.

It would be better if you put the HDD from the old macbook in the HDD/SSD SATA enclosure.

You can buy an Orico brand enclosure with many choices of models that are suitable for you. Of course, with pocket-friendly prices, no more than 100 thousand rupiah.

If you want to add a second storage in the DVD ROM slot, we highly recommend that you also put a SATA SSD there.

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