M7 PUBG Mobile Vs AKM: Which Assault Rifle is Better?

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M7 PUBG Mobile vs AKM PUBG, which AR weapon is better? To answer this question, let's do a quick comparison between these two powerful AR weapons. Have a look here with VCGamers.com.

M7 PUBG Mobile vs AKM PUBG are two of the most powerful AR weapons in PUBG Mobile. This article will compare these two weapons in some major and significant criteria, such as damage, recoil, effective range, attachment, etc. Just scroll down!

Similarities of M7 PUBG Mobile vs AKM

The M7 is also called Beryl in PUBG. Both AKM and Beryl use 7.62 ammo. In addition, these two weapons are very powerful and effective in close combat and mid-range combat.

In addition, players can use similar attachments for Beryl and AKM, such as mags, scopes, and muzzles. In addition, M7 PUBG Mobile and AKM have the same ammunition speed of 715m/s. The effective range of these two weapons is similar (from 0-1000m).

Furthermore, the AKM and Beryl have the same number of rounds in the ammo load (30 without mag and 40 with extended mag). In addition, the reload speed of these two weapons is also the same (2.9 seconds without a quickdraw mag, and 2.25 seconds with a quickdraw mag).

Moreover, the spawning rates of AKM and Beryl in these four game maps are no different. You can easily find AKM or Beryl when you land at Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, or Vikendi.

If you are a fan of this shooting game, you will also know that AKM and Beryl M7 PUBG Mobile have great recoil. So, it takes excellent skills from PUBG players.

Both of these weapons are more difficult to control than the iconic AR guns like the M416 in the game. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have practiced shooting with AKM and M7 PUBG Mobile quite well before engaging in any battle.

Differences M7 PUBG Mobile vs AKM PUBG

Beryl and AKM have many differences. See below to find out more.

Damage and DPS 


The first criterion for comparing two weapons is their damage. AKM damage is slightly higher than Beryl M762. Within 10 meters, AKM's body damage is 49 while it's 47 in Beryl M762.

In addition, AKM's headshot damage is 115.1, and Beryl's headshot damage is 110.4. The damage is also reduced when your enemy is wearing a helmet and military vet. However, AKM's strength is still slightly greater.

Damage per second (DPS) is another criterion for comparing the two. Although AKM has greater damage, this AR weapon has a lower DPS than Beryl. The AKM's DPS is 490 while the Beryl M762 causes 546 DPS.

It was due to the higher firing rate of Beryl's weapon. Therefore, in auto mode, M762 can be more powerful than AKM you can control it well and shoot properly. But in single fire mode, the AKM is better.

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Rate Of Fire

M7 PUBG Mobile

As mentioned in the first criterion, the Beryl M762 has a higher firing rate than the AKM. The time between Beryl's first and second bullet is 0.086 seconds while in AKM it takes 0.1 seconds.

That is, the firing speed of the AKM is 600 rounds per minute. Meanwhile, Beryl's firing speed reached 698 rounds per minute. That's the reason why the M762 recoil is greater than the AKM in auto mode. But in single mode, AKM is more difficult to control.

Shooting Mode

M7 PUBG Mobile

Comparing the two in firing mode, it seems that the M7 PUBG Mobile outperforms the AKM. There are only two shooting modes in the AKM, including single and automatic.

But Beryl M761 has other Burst firing modes besides Single and Auto as usual. In Burst Mode, the gun fires three rounds per shot. And the time lag between each bullet is 0.012 seconds.


In this criterion, the Beryl M762 once again surpasses the AKM when it has one more attachment slot than the AKM. There are only three attachment slots in AKM, namely mag, muzzle, and scope.

Meanwhile, the Beryl M762 has four slots, including three slots like the AKM and one slot for grips. You are advised to install a vertical grip on this weapon to reduce recoil and control it better.

Iron Sight


The Iron Sight AKM is easier to use than the M762. It's clearer with less covered areas when you shoot with an iron sight. But in the Beryl M762, the area covered is quite large.

So, if you can't find a scope or red dot to attach, you should use AKM to aim better with an iron sight.

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As a PUBG Mobile fan, you should know that AKM has more skins than M762. That's because AKM came to this game faster than M7 PUBG Mobile.

Therefore, game publishers seem to favor AKM over Beryl guns. It is understandable that AKM has accompanied PUBG players since the first days of this game.

Well, those are some significant similarities and differences between the two AR weapons. After briefly comparing these two weapons, it's hard to say which AR is better.

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Both are strong, difficult to control, and loud sounding. But the Beryl M762 surpasses the AKM in fire mode and fire speed. But AKM is better in damage and less recoil in auto mode. In short, based on these skills and significant differences, you can choose your favorite weapon to use.

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