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If you want to win the match in Lone Wolf FF mode, then you have to use this weapon. Don't leave before reading it!

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that has presented various types of game modes to players, one of which is a game mode called Lone Wolf FF. Through this mode, players can prove who is the best by doing a 1 on 1 duel with random players. 

In addition to providing a 1 on 1 duel, there is also a 2 on 2 duel mode that requires players to compete with 2 other players. To be able to win the match, not only use the best characters in Lone Wolf FF mode, but you also need to use the right weapons. 

But don't worry, this time we want to tell some of the sickest weapons for Lone Wolf FF mode. What is the list of weapons? Now, check out the full review below. 

Best Weapons in Lone Wolf FF


Lone Wolf FF

The most painful weapon in the first Lone Wolf FF mode is the MP40. The MP40's gun fire rate is high, reaching 83. Therefore, the MP40 can fire bullets at a very high speed, even though its bullet capacity is small.

The MP40 is one of the best types of SMG weapons that can do tremendous damage to enemies when players shoot at close range, making it ideal for players who prefer barbaric games. 

The most powerful weapon in this new mode is the MP40, although the damage is very small. However, in terms of rate of fire and agility, the MP40 is of course a reliable weapon in single combat mode.

Of course, the MP40's ability to deal very fast damage can kill enemies in melee mode. 


Lone Wolf FF

The sickest weapon in the next Lone Wolf FF mode is M1887. This shotgun weapon can deal as much as 100 damage. Therefore, the M1887 shotgun can provide great damage, even the M1887 can kill enemies in one shot.

M1887 not only deals a lot of damage to enemies, but also has high accuracy. This feature makes it easy to knock out enemies during battle in Lone Wolf FF mode.

The M1887 shotgun is one of the most popular Free Fire weapons. Known as the SG2 or SG Hood, this weapon is considered Very Overpowered (OP) and is often a mainstay of hand-to-hand combat.

This is because the M1887 cannon can defeat the enemy with just two shots. Interestingly, the M1887 is an advanced weapon with no special or advanced attachments.

Naturally, this makes this weapon popular among Free Fire players, especially those who prefer to rely on jump shots in close combat.


Lone Wolf FF

It's not much different from the Spas12 weapon, but we can conclude that Vector also experiences a very strong buff. The skills currently used in Vector Weapons are very powerful and can be used by players in this mode. With this around, it's no wonder that using Vector's most powerful weapon is the right choice. 

The most painful weapon in mode Lone Wolf FF definitely last Vector. Vector is one of the SMG weapons with a fairly high rate of fire, reaching 81. This number allows vectors to deal high damage per second to enemies.

You can also use Vector weapons as Akimbo weapons that can accommodate two weapons at once. In other words, the Akimbo weapon can double the attack damage of the previous Vector weapon.

Mini Uzi

Lone Wolf FF

Even though it is a type of SMG gun for free fire games, the Mini Uzi is a weapon that we cannot underestimate. After getting a strong buff in the OB29 Free Fire update, Uzi becomes a very deadly weapon when used in Lone Wolf FF mode.

The abilities of players who use Uzi weapons can look really good because their stats increase after being buffed. 

The worst weapon in Lone Wolf FF mode is definitely the Mini Uzi. Even though it is a pistol weapon, the Mini Uzi can do a lot of damage and has a high rate of fire.

Therefore, you can easily kill enemies with Mini Uzi. Mini Test Weapons are renowned for their high accuracy. This facility makes it easy to accurately target the enemy. Increase the chances of defeating the enemy. 

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Lone Wolf FF

Of course, if you really like playing from a medium distance with Lone Wolf FF, Scar is one option that you can use.

The abilities of the Scar Weapons weren't buffing, but they were very strong, and their damage bonuses were quite strong at this point. Second, if you want to win, you have to properly use Scar's own abilities in Lone Wolf FF mode. 

The skill when using one of these weapons is completely invincible in this mode. In addition, the existence of a new mode related to Battle One-on-One should not be ignored.

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This is because it also shows game skills. You need to know how to fight in this mode. That way, it's not that hard to try.

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