Complete Explanation of Logo Lane in Mobile Legends (ML)!

Logo Lane in Mobile Legends (ML).
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Mobile Legends (ML) players definitely know the existence of a logo that marks each lane. But, do you know the true meaning?

This time, the author will explain in full about Logo Lane in Mobile Legends (ML). Curious? Check it out below!

Lane logo on the Mobile Legends Map

Logo Lane in Mobile Legends (ML). Source: VCGamers.

When you play, this 5 vs 5 game will ask you to choose which lane you will occupy. The logo is followed by the term name of the logo. Starting from Jungling, Mid Lane, Exp Lane, Gold Lane, and Roaming.

It can be said that the five logos above can be called Laning. Each player has a laning, their respective place, in the game to be able to win.

Then, what do the five logos mean? Then, if there are six roles, but in one game only five lanes are filled, does the team have to sacrifice one role?

Differences between laning and role heroes in Mobile Legends

There is a difference between Laning and Role. In short, Laning is hero placement in the game, while Role is role that each player takes in the game. These two things are clearly different, according to Mobile Legends Fandom.

Currently, Mobile Legends (ML) already has 118 heroes with six different roles. There are those who become Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Tank, Support. Some of them even have two roles at once.

For more details, you can read the article below:

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Before answering other questions, the author will first explain the five logos for the Mobile Legends (ML) lane. Check out the article below!

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Logo Lane in Mobile Legend – Midlane

Logo Lane in Mobile Legends (ML).
Lane Mid Lane Logo and Hero Example. Source: VCGamers.

The Midlane logo is a logo that is always in the same location, namely in the middle of the map. The logo is marked with a diagonal line which indicates the Mid Lane of the two teams.

In Mobile Legends (ML), Midlaner including as a very crucial position. The reason is, heroes who are in this lane must be able to do two things: clear minion wave quickly and help around.

With its position in the middle, minion waves come faster than other lanes. So, besides you have to attack the enemy, you also have to be able to kill them minion waves quickly. Why hurry?

The answer is, because of its position in the middle of the map, Midlaner must be prepared to help friends who are in trouble. For example helping junglers finish farming quickly or helping friends on other lanes. So make sure the midlaner clears the minion wave before helping a friend.

Talking about midlaners also means speaking to protect towers. The midlaner's first tower analogy is the leading center. While it's still there, you can go around the lane helping friends without worrying about enemy attacks.

However, if the midlaner's first tower is destroyed, he will start to lose the ability to control the map from the middle. Makes it difficult for you to rotate to each lane. Not only that, the enemy can control some of your jungle creeps that are close to the mid lane.

The job of a midlaner is not easy. Therefore, usually a midlaner is filled by the Mage role with the reason that the burst damage is capable of clearing minion waves quickly. Just say it Parsha, Nana, Gord, Xavier, and Chang'e.

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Logo Lane in Mobile Legends (ML).
Lane Jungling Logo and Hero Example. Source: VCGamers.

Logos Jungling marked with a logo that is between the two lanes. The position of the logo is also in the forest or what is called the Jungle.

Jungling or jungler is a position that is no less crucial. He must be able to kill the jungle creeps to get buff, Gold, and Exp. To speed up, usually assisted with a spell Retribution.

So, the task of a Jungler is to reach a level and get Gold as fast as possible. In Dota 2, a role similar to this is carry. He will carry one team so that his team can win.

If you ask what type of hero is often used as a jungler, the results vary. Most normally, heroes who occupy this position are heroes with roles Assassins. However, there are also those who use Marksman or Fighters.

An example of a hero included as a Jungler hero is Fanny, Gusion, Lancelot, Alucard, Martis, and Zilong.

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Logo Lane in Mobile Legend – Exp Lane

Logo Lane in Mobile Legends (ML).
Exp Lane Logo and Hero Example. Source: VCGamers.

lane logo Exp Lane in Mobile Legends (ML) it is marked in the shape of the letter E, for its location it often changes with Gold Lane. But what distinguishes these two lanes is the position Turtles first time present.

Exp Lane will be determined on the lane closest to Turtle. Likewise with the opponent. Unlike Dota 2 which Offlaners oppose Safelaner, instead in Mobile Legends, Offlaners will fight Offlaners, Safelaners against Safelaners.

As an Exp Lane, the thing that takes precedence is the skill level of the hero. Heroes in the Exp Lane aim to get a high level. The reason is their very good skills helping teammates.

There are two ways to get Exp, namely by killing Turtle or killing Siege Minion. Turtle will give a buff to the last hitter and also Exp to friends around him who help beat Turtle.

Meanwhile, the Siege Minion that the writer mentioned is a Siege Minion carrying something behind him. If you're on the Exp Lane, Siege Minion will bring a roll of files that can increase EXP 50%.

For heroes that fit this lane are thick and sick heroes like Role Fighter and Tank. The example is Balmond, Alucard, Zilong, Bane, and Terizla.

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Gold Lane

Lane Gold Lane Logo and Hero Examples. Source: VCGamers.

It is the opposite of the Exp Lane. Gold Lane marked with a logo shaped like $. Or, you can also see Turtle's position, because Gold Lane's position is farthest from Turtle's position.

As a Gold Laner, your real job is to find as much gold as possible. The reason is that Gold Lane heroes prioritize basic attacks or skills with fast cooldowns.  

There are two ways you can do to get gold: namely kill Creep Jungle Crab and kill Siege Minions.

Start with Crab. The position is very close to your lane. Anyone who can kill Crab will get a Gold Buff, which is a buff that can provide extra gold.

The second way is to destroy Siege Minion. Every Siege Minion on Gold Lane carries some kind of gold cart that can provide additional 50% gold.

With this gold, you can buy items more quickly. The faster you build sick items at the start of the game, the easier it will be for you to conquer the game.

For heroes who occupy this lane, the dominant ones come from role Marksman. Examples like Mia, Lesley, Claude, and Wanwan

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Logo Lane in Mobile Legend – Roaming

Lane Roaming Logo and Hero Example. Source: VCGamers.

Last is Roaming which is described as having a lane logo like a box. Roaming is a role whose job is to help the entire lane while distracting the enemy.

This one role must be good at reading maps and have timings the good one. If your teammates are having trouble, you have to come as fast as possible. In essence, don't let the hero lane die.

Some roamers with range attacks also sometimes used to distract enemy junglers. Starting from pulling their creep buffs, stealing last hits, and others.

Because he is always moving around the map, a roamer will find it difficult to find Gold and Exp. Therefore, he must buy roamer-only items which can provide Gold continuously during the middle game.

There are two hero roles that usually occupy this position, namely Tank and support. But there are also heroes Mage and Fighters who become roamers.

An example of a roamer hero is Grock, Angela, Franco, Akai, Alice, and Estes

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So, How to Balance Between Lane and Role?

Some ML Heroes With Two Roles. Source: VCGamers.

You don't need to be confused. What you have to understand is to prioritize Laning over Role. When you have chosen a Lane, the Role will follow.

Suppose you choose Jungling or Jungler. Directly, Mobile Legends will advise you to look for Jungler heroes. You can find out when selecting heroes in the form of a lane logo on the right side of your account.

If you prioritize Lane, follow the advice from Mobile Legends, then victory is easier to achieve. Meanwhile, if you only focus on pursuing a role, it will seem as long as it fits.

Finally, like the photo above, there are several heroes who have more than one role. So, if you want your team to play all available roles, then you can use this hero.

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That is the meaning and strategy of the lane logo in Mobile Legends (ML). Hopefully, with the information above, you can understand about choosing a lane or laning in Mobile Legends.

So, which lane do you prefer?

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