League of Legends Moves Back to Riot Games, Bye Garena!

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Good news for League of Legends players in Southeast Asia. Riot Games will reclaim the publishing rights for League of Legends from Garena. This can open up various possibilities, one of which is that more features are open.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the move of Garena's League of Legends server back to Riot Games. Because of this, LoL players from Garena have to transfer accounts. How to? Come on, see the discussion below!

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League of Legends at Garena

League of Legends Client Garena
League of Legends Client Garena. Source: Reddit/u/Vethrax

Riot Games and Garena have been working together since 12 years ago, in 2010 to be precise which marked the addition of an Asian server for League of Legends.

League of Legends first had a Southeast Asian server back in 2010, with Riot granting the publishing rights to Garena. Therefore, you can play League of Legends in Southeast Asia by first downloading Garena.

The transition was originally carried out by Riot Games and Garena to spread League of Legends, especially in Southeast Asia. Prior to this transition, LoL players from Southeast Asia had to play on the server America, Oceania, or Europe and forced to play with 150 – 200 ping.

After giving Garena the publishing rights for League of Legends, Riot Games then also gave the publishing rights for Teamfight Tactics or TFT.

For players in Southeast Asia, they must first create a Garena account before playing LoL. They don't need a Riot Games account to play LoL, unlike players from other continents.

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Riot Games Returns to Take Over League of Legends

Riot Games posters
Poster Contains Characters from Various Riot Games. Source: Riot Games

The collaboration between Garena and Riot Games regarding the publishing rights of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics will be formally completed in January 2023.

This means that LoL Garena players will have to move their accounts to Riot Games. After the completion of the collaboration, Riot Games will then open the Singapore server for players from Southeast Asia.

Garena's takeover of LoL and Teamfight Tactics to Riot Games means that Riot will have five games namely VALORANT, League of Legends: Wild Rift, TFT, LoL, and Runeterra.

As a transition of publishing rights, Riot will launch new servers for LoL and TFT. Therefore, Garena's servers will close in January 2023 and Garena's players will not be able to access their accounts after that.

There is a way to move your LoL account from Garena to a Riot Games account. The two of them are currently working together to ensure that Garena players can transfer accounts safely.

Garena LoL players can make transfers starting on November 18, 2022. For those of you who want transfer or the account link, let's see the steps below!

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How to Link Garena and Riot Games Accounts

Results of Riot Games and Garena Account Transfers
Results of Riot Games and Garena Account Transfers. Source: VCGamers

Riot Games has officially announced an easy way for Garena players to transfer all available data.

According to the official LoL Support page from Riot Games, the following is how to link Garena and Riot Games accounts:

  1. Open web LeagueLink and select Start Linking.
  2. Login to the Garena account in the column provided.
  3. Make sure that the Garena account identity is correct. You can only link the account once.
  4. Log into your Riot account. If you don't have a Riot account, you can go straight away make it.
  5. Follow the steps from Riot and make sure that the Garena and Riot account identities match.
  6. Page Ready to link? will appear and you can see all the identities that will be merged into one.
  7. If all is appropriate, select Link Accounts.
  8. Done.

After you have linked according to Riot's instructions, you will have to wait until January 2023 to play LoL through the Riot Games account that you just connected.

All the things that you have earned in Garena's LoL account will be transferred to your Riot account. The main thing that will move is cosmetic items in the form of skins.

If you have a collection of skins in your Garena account, then you can still use these skin collections in your Riot account. Not only that, Riot will also give prizes based on the skin you have.

Apart from skins, Loot Inventory in the form of essence will also move. Of course, RP or Riot Points will also move according to the adjustments made by Garena and Riot.

Lastly, you will also have the same Champion Mastery, Summoner name, friends list, and account level. Therefore, don't forget to link your Garena account to your Riot account!

Advantages of Moving League of Legends to Riot Games

Clash mode in Riot Games
Clash mode in LoL Riot Games. Source: Riot Games

After the migration of League of Legends under Riot Games, you can enjoy various features that only Riot Games have.

One of them is the Clash mode. Garena players don't have this mode and in January you can enjoy Clash mode under Riot Games.

According to a League of Legends YouTuber named Necrit, Garena does not provide Draft Mode when playing Ranked. After migration, you can play ranked in Draft Mode to enhance your competitive experience.

After that, you can also meet players from other Southeast Asian countries because the Riot Games server will be in Singapore.

Then, there is the 3rd Party API which really helps League of Legends players when they move to the Riot server. This is because you can track player statistics through the 3rd Party API for example by OP. GG.

Lastly, you can also enjoy Esports Drops which contains various prizes. Previously, you couldn't get Esports Drops because Garena didn't implement the system.

Thus the discussion regarding the move of League of Legends from Garena to Riot Games, I hope this is useful and don't forget to migrate accounts!

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