Kar98k PUBG Vs Mosin Nagant, Which Sniper is Better?

Kar98 vs AWM

There are many sniper options that players can use in game battles PUBG Mobile. Here, we will compare Kar98k PUBG vs Mosin Nagant. Which sniper is better?

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new sniper rifle named Mosin Nagant. Just compare Mosin Nagant vs Kar98k PUBG to get a better bolt-action SR.

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new sniper rifle named Mosin Nagant. This weapon gives PUBG Mobile players a more interesting gun experience but also confuses some players in choosing the better SR between Mosin Nagant vs Kar98k PUBG. Let's compare and take a better one with VCgamers.

Comparison Between Mosin Nagant And Kar98k PUBG Mobile

The Mosin Nagant is the new bolt-action sniper rifle in this BR game. Like the M24 and Kar98k PUBG, this SR also uses 7.62mm ammo. This sniper is as powerful as the iconic Kar98k sniper rifle to some extent.

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However, these two weapons still have some differences that make them unique. The sniper appears in two maps: Erangel and Vikendi but Mosin Nagant doesn't completely replace Kar98k.

For example, lower bullet drop and higher bullet speed than PUBG's Kar98k. Let's compare these two bolt-action sniper rifles to find out more differences and similarities between these two weapons.


Kar98k PUBG

Mosin Nagant and Kar98k have the same damage. Basically the damage points from these two SRs are 197 for bare head and 102 for bare chest. Damage point on arms and legs is 37.

In addition, the damage points on the hands and feet are 22. In addition, the damage points for Mosin Nagant and Kar98k to different body parts are also the same when the enemy is wearing a helmet and vest.

When Mosin Nagant came to the PC version of this game, it was recognized as a copy of PUBG's Kar98k because almost all of its features were similar to Kar98k.

According to the introduction of PUBG, this new weapon has the same damage, attachments, stats, ammo, etc. The most significant of PUBG Mosin Nagant vs Kar98k is the sound and display.

In the mobile version of PUBG Mobile, these two sniper rifles are not the same weapon even though the Mosin Nagant PUBG Mobile damage is the same as the Kar98k. They still have some amazing differences.

This can be shown if you carefully examine these two weapons and compare them in detail. These differences can also affect gameplay and performance in ranked matches.

Bullet Speed 

Kar98k PUBG

The first difference between these two snipers is the initial bullet speed. The game developer introduced that Mosin Nagant bullets will fly faster than Kar98k ammo.

Therefore, the bullet speed can be slightly higher than the Kar98k. Then, your bullets will move faster and hit the enemy faster by 2-3 percent.

This means that players using Mosin Nagant can knock down previous targets using Kar98k when they fire simultaneously.

In addition, the higher initial bullet speed also makes the bullet fall lower even though the gap is not too big. That's because when a bullet flies faster, it has lower gravity and flies straighter.

Therefore, you don't need to adjust the crosshair scope too much when dealing with enemies at long distances. The bullets will move straighter and hit the target fairly accurately compared to the Kar98k. This can go as high as the M24, the more modern bolt-action sniper rifle.

Rate Of Fire

Kar98k PUBG
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The next difference between these two sniper rifles is the rate of fire. Basically, Mosin Nagant has a lower rate of fire than Kar98k.

This means that the distance between the two bullets is also longer than that of the iconic bolt-action sniper rifle. You can test it by using two HP to check the gap. Or, you can use a watch to calculate the time.

The distance between the first bullet and the second bullet in Mosin Nagant is slightly longer than Kar98k (0.1 seconds). This gap increases on the next shot.

For example, the difference is 0.4 seconds on the fourth shot. The higher Rate Of Fire is also a big advantage in PUBG Mobile. This allows you to engage more quickly and fire the next bullet more quickly.

For example, if you shoot the second bullet faster after the first accurate bullet, you can cause more damage to knock or kill the target before he finds cover to heal or revive.

Rate of fire is more important for snipers in duo and squad modes. because they must finish off the enemy before he finds cover or gains the support of his teammates.

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Kar98k PUBG

Length is another important factor of weapons in PUBG Mobile. If you think it doesn't matter, you could be wrong.

If the weapon is longer, it can reveal where you are hiding behind a tree or a corner of a wall. This is more important in TPP mode where the player often stands near the corner of a wall to see enemies.

Comparing these two bolt-action sniper rifles, the Mosin Nagant is longer than the Kar98k. Therefore, Kar98k PUBG is better at hiding your body. Mainly, we all know that PUBG Mobile has bugs.

In particular, the enemy can see the weapon if you stand too close to the wall. Imagine you are holding Mosin Nagant near the wall of the house, other players can easily see you from behind that wall.

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Those are the most significant similarities and differences we can point out when comparing Mosin Nagant vs Kar98k PUBG. For the latest PUBG Mobile game news updates as well as other tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website every day.

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