Recommendation for the Strongest Uranus Counter Item in Mobile Legends 2022

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Use this strongest Uranus counter item to defeat him easily in Mobile Legends 2022. He will not move with the hero you use.

As a tank hero with great strength, Uranus is a very strong hero in Mobile Legends as a tank. This hero has strong skills, so you might need the strongest Uranus counter item in Mobile Legends 2022.

Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends usually have very strong defenses to withstand enemy attacks, and CC is also very strong to approach opponents. It's very difficult to fight like a tank hero.

As you know, Hero Tanks play an important role in fighting enemies. However, it turns out that this hero sometimes plays in Offlaner, so fighting alone with this hero is very difficult.

Here are some recommendations for the strongest Uranus counter items in Mobile Legends 2022 that you can try. With this thing you can defeat it more easily, thanks to its stats and skills.

List of MLBB Uranus Counter Items

Uranus itself is a tank hero with high defense and strong maneuverability to attack enemies. This is a very strong hero to use in team battles, as it has a very wide range of AoE damage.

Its damage ability is also good for a Tank, so it can be played in Offlaner too. However, this lone hero lacks other movement skills that allow him to approach enemies with ease like other heroes.

However, if the enemy approached him, he would have a hard time getting away from it himself. Therefore, this hero has become a popular and widely used Hero Tank, because it has high defense and damage.

If you have trouble fighting this hero, you can use some of the items below. This item is arguably the strongest Uranus counter item in Mobile Legends 2022. Use items that match the hero you are using.

Necklace of Durance

Uranus Counter Items

Necklace of Durance is one of the strongest Uranus counter items in Mobile Legends 2022 that you can use to stop stealing his life. Uranus has a very high healing ability, so you will find it difficult to attack him.

This item has an effect where your attacks can reduce the effects of healing and shielding enemies. So when you use this thing, you might have a hard time fixing it. However, this item is more suitable for Mage heroes.

Sea Halberd

Uranus Counter Items

Like the previous item, Sea Halberd is also a counter item for Uranus Mobile Legends 2022 that you can use to stop Uranus' healing. However, this item is more suitable for heroes with physical damage.

This item has a stat that increases physical attack and has the same passive skill as Chain of Durance. If the NoD item for the hero is a mage, this item is more suitable for heroes with physical damage.

Malefic Roar

Uranus Counter Items

Malefic Roar is one of the counter items for Uranus that is suitable in Mobile Legends 2022 to penetrate enemy armor. This object has a very strong physical pen to pierce through its armor.

This thing has a passive that will also increase the physical pen to make it higher. The higher the armor, the more damage you definitely need to attack it.

According to the latest MLBB patch on Advanced Server yesterday, Malefic Roar obtained 0.05 percent physical penetration per 1 enemy physical defense. A maximum of 20 percent of the physical penetration achieved.

More specifically, if the enemy has 100 physical defense, passive Malefic Roar gains 5 percent physical penetration. With this new passive, the total physical penetration you can give your opponent is 60 percent.

The ground state of this object is 40 percent Physical Penetration + 20 percent Physical Penetration, which can result from its obligations.

Divine Glaive

Uranus Counter Items
Divine Glaive

Almost similar to Malefic Roar, but this is more suitable for belly heroes. Divine Glaive will provide an additional magic pen that will allow your attacks to easily penetrate Uranus' magic defenses.

This item can also enhance the Magic Pen thanks to its passive skill. That is, even if Uranus uses anti-magic items, Divine Glaive can help you break through Uranus' defenses.

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Demon Hunter Sword

Uranus Counter Items
Demon Hunter Sword

The Demon Hunter Sword item is one of the counter items for Uranus in Mobile Legends 2022, suitable for heroes with high speed Atk. Because this item will increase your Atk speed and physical damage when attacking enemies.

Not only that, this item will also cause basic attacks to produce more damage which is measured by the amount of enemy blood. Considering he is a tank hero with a strong HP, this is certainly very effective for your hero.

Unique Passive-Devour: Basic attack deals 10 percent additional damage to the enemy's remaining HP at any given time. His own damage increased to 60 for forest monsters. S

Each basic attack gives 4 percent lifesteal for 4 seconds and can be increased by 3 times. Taking a tray can be refreshing sometimes.

Other stats of this subject may be less interesting due to physical attack and attack speed. However, the unique passive effect is very useful, meaning it causes more damage in percentage of the enemy's remaining HP and each time you do a basic attack.

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Those were some recommendations for the strongest Uranus counter items in Mobile Legends 2022 that you can try. This item will make the hero you use stronger against it. Because some stats and skills can increase your damage.

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