Recommended Item Build Brody in Season 24 ML, Win Streak!

Hero Brody's Advantages

Check this page to see what Brody build items are in season 24 ML, by applying this you will definitely have a win streak.

Brody is one of the Marksman heroes Mobile Legends with a lethal cc ability, because he can cause a stun effect and also great damage to the opponent's target. You can activate this feature through his 2nd skill called Corrosive Strike.

As a mm hero, he can do a lot of explosive damage if he enters the game at the beginning and at the end of the game. To place it faster, destroy the tower and also quickly kill the opponent's hero.

Well, on this occasion VCGamers would like to tell you the recommendation for the deadly Brody build item in Mobile Legends Season 24. Want to know what Brody's build item looks like? Just take a look at the following article reviews.

Item Build Brody MLBB

Warrior Boots

Item Build Brody
Warruir Boots

The best thing to complete Brody's first set of build items is Warrior Boots. Warrior Boots have standard stats that can reduce damage due to enemy team attacks, because Warrior Boots can provide an additional +22 physical defense to Brody.

In addition to providing additional physical defense, Warrior Boots can also increase Brody's movement speed to +40 and have Unique Passive (Valor) which can add 5 physical defenses if Brody is hit by the opponent's base attack. 

Like other heroes who have relatively slow movements at the beginning of the game, it's a good idea to buy Warrior Boots first. This movement object will provide additional movement speed and physical defense against it.

Blade of Despair

Item Build Brody
Blade Of Despair

Brody's next build item is Blade of Despair. Blade of Despair has a unique passive called Despair, which can give the opponent 25 percent physical attack, while he attacks the opponent with less than 50 percent HP.

This attack item will also give it an additional +5 percent movement speed and +160 physical attack. This Blade of Despair can make his attacks even more deadly if faced by the enemy team.

This item is an attack item that will provide greater physical attack and action speed against it. In addition, this item also has a passive skill, where if he attacks an opponent with HP less than 50 percent it will increase his physical attack by 25 percent.

Brute Force Breastplate

Item Build Brody

If you want this hero to have a strong defense at the start of the game, then the next thing you get is Brute Force Breastplate. This defensive item will provide additional physical defense and HP against it.

This Brody build item not only has passive abilities if he uses his Basic Attack, increases his movement speed by 3 percent, physical and magic defense lasts up to 4 seconds and takes 4 seconds.

This defense item has basic stats that can give it an additional +770 HP and +45 physical defense. Thus, Brute Force Breastplate can strengthen Brody's defense when attacking the opponent's hero.

Brute Force Breastplate also has a unique passive called Brute Force, which can be activated if you use the skill as a basic attack ability to increase movement speed, physique, and magic by 2 percent by 4, in 4 seconds.

Malefic Roar

Item Build Brody

Well, the next Brody build item is Malefic Roar. This item is an offensive item that adds to Brody's physical attack. By buying this item, Brody's attacks can be more deadly to his enemies.

In addition, this item also has attributes that can increase physical penetration against Brody, as well as passive skill support, where basic attacks will ignore 20 percent of the turret's defense.

The most difficult to complete the last series is Malefic Roar. A unique passive object of Malefic Roar called Armor Buster, which can easily penetrate enemy hero defenses, especially against tank hero users with solid HP. Malefic Roar also allows him to directly destroy the opponent's tower.

This attack item has basic stats that can give Brody an additional +60 for physical penetration, although Malefic Roar also has another attribute that can give him an additional 35 percent physical penetration.

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Athena's Shield

Item Build Brody
Athena Shield

To make it stronger and safer than in later games, the next thing you need to do is buy Athena's Shield.

This item is a defense item that will provide more magical defense, HP Rain and more HP against Brody. Well of course by buying this, Brody's defense will be stronger in the game.

And there is a unique passive shield that activates when receiving magic damage. This item can reduce magic damage received by 25 percent in 5 seconds (including magic damage that triggers this effect).

But more simply, this item is very good to use against Mage (magic damage) heroes with high explosive damage, such as Brody. He immediately (not continuously) deals high burst damage to his skills.

That's why Athena's Shield is great for high explosion damage. Unlike Radiant Armor, which is good at fighting persistent damage, such as Ultimate Chang'e.

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Well, that's the recommendation for the most painful Brody build item. What do you think? Have you tried this build? Yes, if you want to buy Diamond Mobile Legends, you can buy Diamond Mobile Legends only at VCGamers.

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