Full Internal Memory? Do These 7 Steps Immediately!

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Hi Vicigers! Back again with us, this time we will discuss the steps you can take to avoid full internal memory on your smartphone.

If your cellphone already has an internal memory capacity of 128GB or more, rich, full internal memory is not a scary thing for you.

However, for those of you who have 16-32GB of internal memory potatoes, full internal memory is a scary thing, because it can affect the overall performance of your cellphone.

7 Steps to Overcome Full Internal Memory on HP

  • Clear cache on internal storage on your cellphone

You can clear the cache on every smartphone with the default function of your cellphone. For some mainstream android smartphones, you can go to Settings, then the Storage menu, and there you will see how much cache is being spent on your internal memory.

Clearing the cache can make your full internal memory relieved again, but the status of your cellphone after clearing the cache will restart the application system from the beginning again.

But this is indeed very effective and useful for those of you who have 16-32GB of internal memory potatoes, so please do a cache deletion, if you think it's necessary.

  • Delete unimportant media files on app

Whatsapp is a chat application that consumes the most internal memory, so it is one of the causes of full internal memory on your cellphone. Especially if you have a lot of private chats and group chats that often send intense photos/videos.

You can delete media on your Whatsapp application manually, instead if you delete Whatsapp media files with the help of 3rd party applications, you are afraid that your important photos/videos/files will be deleted accidentally.

You can also manually delete media files in other applications, such as Line, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube offline, etc.

  • Delete Whatsapp backup files periodically

Before you do this, we recommend regularly backing up your Whatsapp online. Because at least if you delete all offline backups on the Whatsapp application, and your cellphone crashes/errors, you can easily find your Whatsapp backup files online.

You can find your Whatsapp offline backup file in the Whatsapp – Databases folder. Then you will find a file with the name msgstore-yr/bln/tgl.1.db.crypt12, you can delete all these files, without worrying that your Whatsapp will error.

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