How to Use the Latest PB Zapetto Cheats 2022

PB cheats

Have you used the PB cheat? If so, and you don't know how to activate it in 2022, please see this page.

Are you still playing Point Blank? Of course yes. Even though Point Blank is an old school game, it still deserves to be called one of the most popular first person shooters (FPS). Frankly, it's no exaggeration to say that PB is one of the best FPS games of all time.

Like most old school games, this game has a special PB cheat. The difference is, this game requires another application to activate the PB cheat.

Its features are no different from cheats in many other games, namely increasing the chances of winning while playing.

In detail, PB cheats include Aimbot. With this cheat you can easily aim and shoot your opponent. There is also a cheat called Wallhack that allows you to focus on your opponent, even if there are things that are blocking or making them visible. Then there's the Acc Hack, Room Hack and more.

The latest update for the PB Zepetto 2022 cheat collection

There are several sites that provide PB Zepetto cheats scattered on the internet. Specifically, in this article we will discuss some of them. 

Samarinda Cheats

PB cheats

Samarinda Cheat or Samarinda Cit is a site that offers various kinds of online game cheats, especially computer games.

Cheats are always updated on this site, especially if there are problems with old cheats so they don't work. One of the game cheats in Samarinda City is PB Zepetto 2022.

Even on the Samarinda Cheat site, you can write down how to download the cheat you want to use. The procedure is relatively easy and fast.

But to make it easier for you, we will provide a shorter discussion about how to download Samarinda City. Read more in the next section.

  1. Go to the Samarinda Cheat or Samarinda Cit page.
  2. Find and choose which cheat you want to use, as there are often more than one cheat available. If you are looking for a PB cheat, the Samarinda Cheat site recommends Cyberhackid.
  3. After you find the cheat you are looking for, just click the button with the name of the available cheat and go to the cheat download page.
  4. Please press the download button on the page until the cheat you want is downloaded.

Pekalongan Cheats

PB cheats
PB cheats

Besides Cheat Samarinda, there is another site that also provides Cheat PB Zepetto 2022, namely Cheat Pekalongan. This site is known for its Point Blank scam.

Actually this site is very similar to this game, so many people open it when they want to find Point Blank or PB cheats.

Here are the steps to activate Cheat PB in Cheat Pekalongan.

  1. Visit the Pekalongan website
  2. There are two types of PB cheats on the front. Choose and download one of them.
  3. Files can be downloaded in a compressed format. Extract the file using Winrar or similar applications.
  4. Open the file and then click Generate Key.
  5. Insert the key visible on the injector. Start playing Point Blank.


PB cheats
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There is also a Gembel Cit site which also provides PB Zeppeto cheats with the latest updates. Here's how to use the Gembel City cheat.

  1. Open the zeppeto gembelcit empty cheat page
  2. Choose the cheat download link below
  3. Wait until the download process is complete
  4. Extract the file
  5. Open the injector using Run as administrator
  6. Open PB game
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Most Famous CP PB

PB cheats

Point Blank or better known as PB, had reached the peak of his fame in 2009-2013. But at that time, many PB players were deceived. These cheaters or cheaters actually really annoy other players, and Gemscool becomes the scapegoat for not eliminating cheaters. 


As one of the deadliest cheats among others, Aimbot can allow the user to kill without seeing the enemy. Aimbot automatically straightens the opponent's head so each assassin gets a Headshot.


Fraudsters are definitely no strangers to Wallhack. Wallhack shows users existing walls. So that when there are no obstacles that make it easier for users to track the actions of their enemies. 

Spam Bomb

This is not only deadly for many players, but also annoying. Bomb Spam Cheat allows the user to drop unlimited K-400 bombs, even multiple bombs in one throw.

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No Recoil

Kickback is one of the challenges of FPS games. Because the greater the shrinkage of the weapon, the greater the vibration. And it turns out that at that time someone tricked me into not having a Recoil weapon so I could easily shoot straight.

GB Masters Medal

The Master Medal is one of the things that PB players need if they want to get a good title and have to go through difficult missions to get it.

But at that time there was a GB Master Medal cheat that made it easy for users to get medals.

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Thus our brief explanation of Cheat PB Zepetto 2022. Very interesting and easy, right? But keep in mind that you should not use PB cheats because they have the potential to harm other players and developers. Good luck!

*Disclaimer: This article was written so that game developers can make improvements by knowing there are gaps in the game that are often abused by players.

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