How to Make Android Games with Unity, Beginner's Guide!

make android games with unity

Currently, there are lots of Android games available Playstore. It can even be downloaded for free. So many people want to make Android games with Unity.

Now, not only reliable developers can make games on the Playstore, beginners can also create their own game applications.

For those of you who like to make new games on Android, can really use Unity. Therefore, Unity is a tool that beginners often use to learn how to make games. 

By making games, you can sell them on the Google Play Store. Then what are the steps to make android games with Unity? Please read this article to the end. 

What is Android Unity? 

make android games with unity
Get to know the Unity Android game maker platform. Source: Youtube.

Unity is a game engine used to create, design and create cross-platform games. This platform can be used to create 2D and 3D games that you can sell on the Google Play Store.

Actually there are many tools commonly used to make games, one of which is Unity. Because of this application or software, it's easy to use for beginners. 

Examples of games that have been made using this platform are Assassin's Creed: Identity, Pokemon Go and many more.

Of course, it's not just ordinary games, making Android games with Unity can also make VR or virtual reality games. 

This platform is indeed a cross-platform game development tool designed to be easy to use. It is designed for simplicity and ease of use. 

Unity supports all file types, especially common ones like all kinds of technical tools. Unity is compatible with 64-bit versions and can also run on Mac OS x and Windows and can create games for Mac, Windows, Wii, iPhone, iPad and Android.

So this platform is one of the best game engines because it has features that make it easier for us to build or create games compared to other game engines, such as the Unreal Engine. Unity is better for beginners.

Guide to Making Android Games With Unity

To make a game with a million people platform, you need to install it on your laptop or PC. 

Install the Application on your Laptop/PC

make android games with unity
Install the Unity application on the computer. Source: Youtube.

What you need to do in the beginning in making android games with Unity is to install this software on your computer. Here's how to install this software before making games. 

  1. The first step is to download the software from the site address at
  2. After that, wait for the download process to finish. 
  3. Also, you can open previously downloaded files.
  4. The next step will appear the installation settings menu. 
  5. Then click the “Next” option. 
  6. The next step is to check the requirements provided.
  7. After that, click on the “next” option and specify where to save this application. 
  8. Then click the “Done” option.

The next step to create an android game with Unity is to open this software that has been downloaded. After that, you need to select the “new project” option to start working on game creation. If necessary, you can name the game being created to make it easier to find games.

To do this, you have to select the “new” option. In the next step, you will need to enter a new project file name. However, if you are lazy, you can leave the file name column blank.

Create Land for Game Foundations

make android games with unity
Building a game foundation in Unity. Source: Youtube.

The next step is to create an android game with Unity, you must first create a field or land that serves as the core of the game. Please follow some easy steps below; 

  1. Select the "games" option. 
  2. After that select "Objects with Three Dimensions" then click the menu drop down.
  3. Enter the menu "decisions". 
  4. Then click the "Land Settings" option. 
  5. Then set the bottom size to 300 cm. 
  6. Then click "OK". 
  7. Then adjust the thickness of the bottom by pressing the size 20 "grass" button and thickness 10.
  8. Finally, add an image texture by clicking on the "image texture" option and selecting "edit texture". 
  9. Next, select the “add texture” option.
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Creating Characters

make android games with unity
Create in-game characters. Source: Youtube.

In a game, character is an important thing that supports the game. Without the characters, the game itself would not be able to live. Please follow the method below; 

  1. Please click the "arrow" option. 
  2. Then click “Import package”. 
  3. Next, click on the “character” option. 
  4. Next, click the “standard properties” menu. 
  5. Then select “Third Party Control”. 
  6. Lastly, you can save their work by clicking on the “file” option. 
  7. Next, select the "save mode as" menu, and click the "save" button. 
  8. Game is ready to try.

Create android games with Unity which can later be monetized through the Google Play Store. In this day and age games can generate huge income.

All you have to do is activate your Google Developer Console account and upload the game somewhere, if approved, the game can be live on Playstore, and now everyone can download it later.

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