The Strongest Fanny Counter Hero in Mobile Legends 2022

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It's not easy to beat this one hero, you have to use the strongest Fanny hero counter in order to paralyze him. Well, on this page there are some of the best heroes that you can use on this page Mobile Legends 2022.

Fanny is one of the most agile and deadly assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. His actions make this hero absolutely impossible to stop.

This hero, inspired by the Attack on Titan anime series, is quite restless on the battlefield. Just remember Micah or Levi. Yes, Fanny's professional players can be just as scary as they are. This hero has a sharp killing instinct, skilled players are not afraid to enter the opposing tower when one dies.

However, Moonton's side also provides an opponent as an opponent to fight this famous hero. If you use this hero, your opponent's Fanny is guaranteed to be very weak and easy to control. 

Well, below are the five strongest Fanny counter heroes in Mobile Legends 2022 who are very tough to deal with.

List of MLBB Fanny Hero Counters


Hero Counter Fanny

Fanny's first counter hero is Zilong, a fighter with high speed and attack power. In one-on-one combat, Zilong can easily win the duel. She was beautiful, but this knight was faster.

Although he was good at playing ropes, Zilong was able to quickly catch and kidnap him. It is very unlikely that he will win from Zilong using a combination of skill 2 ultimate skill 1.


Hero Counter Fanny

It's no longer a secret if Khufra is the opponent of all "lick" heroes in Mobile Legends. With the Bounce Ball skill, this tank can stop the enemy's movement. Khufra's Bounce Ball is never on hand, because the dash skills all other heroes have can be useless.

In addition, the latest skill Wrath of the Tyrant can shock nearby enemies. Combining these two skills, he is guaranteed to have difficulty moving. So, Khufra becomes very good for you to use as a Fanny ML counter hero.

Khufra has two skills that Fanny fears the most, namely her second skill and also her ultimate. Of the two skills, the second skill was the one he feared the most, because at first glance the second skill was like a wall that he couldn't fly. He never budged when dealing with Khufra.

His second skill (Bounce Ball) turns Khufra into a ball, which increases his physical and magic defense by 50 percent, and when he tries to reach Khufra, his target is carried through the air.

Then the highest skill, namely (Tyrant's Rage), Khufra quickly collects all enemy heroes around him in the desired direction, giving a slow effect of 1.25 seconds and a stun effect when hitting a wall. 


Hero Counter Fanny

hero counter The fanny who can make him stop moving is Chou, this warrior hero has a very high and deadly stun ability.

Chou has at least two stunning abilities, here's an explanation. This Jeet Kune Do Skill allows Chou to twist three times and give a knock effect on the last turn.

Then the ultimate skill (The Way of Dragon) is the skill he fears the most because it can involve his movements, even though he is very fast in terms of lightning.

Way of Dragon will give a recoil effect on the target and will give a stun effect for a long time. Use this hero when your opponent uses Fanny's hero, make sure he doesn't dare to attack him.


Hero Counter Fanny
Hero Franco

The next strongest Fanny counter hero is Franco, this tank hero is very afraid of him because he can close his moves accurately and quickly. Franco has two amazing abilities to lock him in, which is one and the last.

One of his skills is (iron hook) Franco uses his iron hook to attract opponents to himself, locked targets cannot use his skills. This additional skill makes it very difficult to close his moves, requiring high instincts and fast movements.

Then the last one is the last skill, so (Brutal Massacre) this skill locks the target for 1.8 seconds, so far the target has never used any skills including Battle Spell.

Unlike the skills themselves, this most advanced skill is easy to use, you have to be closer to your opponent and focus on the latest skills. Brutal slaughter can instantly stop an opponent, so don't be surprised if he's too scared of Franco.

It's great that Franco can still anticipate his moves and is easy to hit and slap. He who dared to jump at Franco was also hit. Franco can easily close it, especially when he dares to jump under the tower towards Franco.

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Hero Counter Fanny
Young Panda

Fanny's counter hero and her tough opponent is Akai, this tank hero is also afraid of her. Although this hero only has one stun ability, Akai is more deadly and he is more afraid of him than the two heroes above.

How? Akai's stun skill has a very long duration, up to 3.5 seconds it will kill the target if it manages to close it.

His last skill is (Hurricane Dance) where Akai rotates for 3.5 seconds and causes a recoil effect on the opponent, the target is pushed and pushed into the wall and stuns while the skill is still active. Akai is the best hero to defend the protagonist when he meets an opponent who uses it.

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Of the five Fanny counter heroes mentioned above, they have one thing in common. The storm is direct and violent. With all the skills she has, Fanny will never be able to move if she has to deal with it. Which hero do you think is the toughest opponent?

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