7 Mobile Legends Hero Core Tasks You Need to Know

Hero Core Mobile Legends

The term core in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang certainly not foreign to Vicigers. However, what are the tasks of Core Mobile Legends in the game?

To answer that question, in this article we want to discuss the core task of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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First of all, we all know that all players must be able to work together in the Mobile Legends game. Given, Mobile Legends is a MOBA game.

Well, in the game you need to work together with teammates. Because, it is also one of the determining factors for your victory in the game made by Moonton.

There are several roles that you must know and master when playing in a team. An example is the Mobile Legends core.

Apparently, this role has an influence on your victory in the game. Even for those of you who compete in competitions (eSports).

Core Mobile Legends

core mlbb

The core in the mobile legends game has an important role in a team. He is a player who plays a major role in the match.

The term core mobile legends can be said to be the same as carry. That player, who becomes the core or carry, must be able to make his team win in the match.

Players who become the core in the match usually have a hero with relatively large damage. The heroes used are usually Marksman or Assassin.

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They also have to be able to bring the team to victory. In addition, they also have a role as a jungler role.

Not without reason, the role was given because they became a priority.

Later, the hero appointed as the core was not only Marksman and Assassin. However, tank and fighter heroes are often used as cores in Mobile Legends.

Core Tasks in Match

There are several tasks from a Core Mobile Legends. The following are the tasks of the Mobile Legends core:

Bringing Victory to the Team

Hero Core Mobile Legends

In a team, all players must have a big contribution. Well, the main task of the Mobile Legends core is to bring his team to win in a match. It's quite heavy indeed, but with a hero who has great damage of course it's not impossible to do.

The reason is, the hero core has everything needed to bring the team to win. Such as, the greatest damage, high agility, to ATK Speed. Dua should also be able to kill Lord single-handedly, doing a split push.

The hero core has everything you need to win the match. He has the highest ATK Speed and damage, has a high level of agility, is able to do split pushes, and kills Lord alone.

Mastering the Jungle

Hero Core Mobile Legends

To win, the first step that the core hero needs to take is to get additional Gold and EXP for all team members. The trick is to kill the Turtle in the Jungle area.

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The hero core must be able to overcome by killing all the monsters in the jungle to speed up the addition of Gold and EXP.

The task of controlling the jungle was given to Hero Core not without reason. The hero core is relatively always has great damage and Retribution which can prevent opponents in the match from stealing the Turtle.

Controlling Game

The hero core must be able to control the course of the game. They must be able to give the signal for their teammates to attack at the right time, retreat or defend first.

Players who become hero cores must have the ability to make decisions. Because, it really concerns the team's victory in the match.

If you make the wrong decision, the hero core will not bring the team to victory. Instead, he could have made the team lose in the game being played.

Hero cores also need to minimize errors and play well. This is necessary so that other players can be sure that the instructions from the hero core are worth following.

Helping Team Members

Hero Core Mobile Legends

Helping team members is also the task of the Hero Core. He has a duty to help team members who are in trouble or let's say they are in trouble because they are attacked by the opposing team. Hero cores can't just be in the jungle. Even so, he can't if he only has to be on the lane.

Players who become hero cores must be able to go up and down to help their friends who are stuck. He also has to do a push turret when there is an opportunity to lead the team faster to victory.

So Damage Dealer Hurts

Hero Core Mobile Legends

The hero core must be able to defeat the opponent in a short time. Because he has the most damage and high ATK Speed. With all the advantages, the expertise of the core hero is the key to victory in team fights.

If you can play well, of course, the chance of winning in the game is not a difficult thing to achieve. In fact, his team could quickly win.

Defeating the Opponent's Core

Hero Core Mobile Legends

Defeating the opponent's core also needs to be done by the hero core. In addition to growing the confidence of teammates, it can also make the opponent's core hero mentally hit!.

Victory in the battle of 2 heroes with high abilities will make the team more confident in winning the match.

Moreover, if you manage to finish off your opponent's core hero repeatedly. This will make the team's winning potential bigger because the opponent doesn't have enough Gold or EXP.

Receive and Ask for Advice

Hero Core Mobile Legends

Even though as a match controller, that doesn't mean the core hero can act as he pleases and doesn't want to hear input. Core hero players should also consider input from teammates.

Not only that, don't hesitate to ask your teammates for advice if you need it.

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