The Deadliest ML Hero Core You Can Try

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You can use this deadliest ML core hero. Using it will make it easier for you to win the battle in Mobile Legends.

In the game Legends, the term “core ML” represents the main character, who brings great damage and great impact to the game. With no tendency to play down other roles, the main character or dragon is often the main hero of the game. No wonder the role is able to change the course of the game.

This role is often played by heroes who have the potential to inflict great damage in the early and late stages of the game. Often the main character is always a hero with the role of Assassin, Mage or Marksman.

It's great that the famous meta-hyper that occurred in the last two seasons changes this role. This is because many ML core heroes have great potential as meta supporters.

Often the hero has the right skills and also the ability to play the role of a supporting hero, such as good cc ability, turn ability or stab damage.

Well, here is a list of ML core heroes that have the potential to become Hero Support that you can use in Land Of Dawn.

List of Deadly ML Core Heroes


Core ML

The name of this hero reappears after becoming one of the most effective support heroes in various league scenarios. Armed with a good Burst Damage ability, Pharsa can become a hypertransport companion hero with high damage and dominate the enemy's battlefield.

Pharsa has the Ulti skill, Feathered Air Strike which is known to have very painful damage to finish off the enemy. Usually, Pharsa users use skill 1 first to give a sign, then use Ulti. Even this combo makes the enemy affected by the mark will suffer stun and slow from Ulti. 

In addition, the skill that makes it very suitable to be a support is Wings by Wings. This extra skill allows Pharsa to become a bird and gain more speed. Thanks to this ability, Pharsa is very mobile to stay on the map.

Popol & Kupa

Core ML

Popol & Kupa is mm with relatively high damage per second (DPS). He can also be a deadly ML core hero at this time. This condition allows him to function as a core hero. But in today's meta, there are many Hero Marksman who are more effective than Popol & Kupa as Hero Core.

That is why Popol and Kupa are often seen as supporting heroes who accompany the leadership. As a support, Popol & Kupa has some good crowd control skills.

With the first skill, Popol & Kupa can defeat the enemy in an instant. In addition, the second skill can give a knock-up effect within 0.6 seconds. In Skill – Popol's Surprise, Popol & Cup can lock the enemy for a moment and give a slow effect.

Often the third skill is also used to secure weeds from potential enemy ganking. Popol and Kupa are often forbidden heroes nowadays. This shooting hero can be used in various roles, can be as a tank, offliner, core and even support.

As the main character, Popol has a very good shut down ability. This hero has a trap or mine skill, where this skill can be placed wherever he wants. The mine effect gives the opponent a deactivation skill and prevents him from moving for a few seconds.


Core ML

Another deadly hero core is Natalia which is the main hero with the best elimination in Mobile Legends. Natalia is very useful as an outlander heroine and also as a specialist in removing opponents from behind.

This deactivation ability comes from the silent ability, which allows the opponent not to run Mobile Legends skills.

This killer hero is also a hero with the second chance of silence after Helcurt in Mobile Legends. Not only that, Natalia's second smoke bomb skill can also slow down enemy actions, giving Natalia an immune system effect.

Natalia is an Assassin with a very high DPS level so she doesn't have a critical attack calculation. As the protagonist, Natalia can quickly kill enemies.

With her high mobility ability, Natalia is also able to do ganking very effectively. On Natalie's face, the enemy was very annoyed with the possibility of disappearing, as well as the inertia and silence that she had.

Did you know that Natalia is also worthy of being a support? With her ability in silence, Natalia can interfere with the execution of enemy attacks. In addition, Natalia can effectively open a map (battle map) and find the enemy's presence through her stealth skills.


Core ML

Kagura is a Mage "complete package" with Burst Damage, CC, and the ability to wink. When combined well, these three abilities make Kagura a very difficult killer mage to fight. Kagura who occupies the middle position usually acts as a core hero to quickly reach the level.

The higher the level, the more frightening and difficult it is to face Kagura. In meta hyper carry, Kagura is no longer considered as effective as Hero core. Kagura approached slowly to support him.

Thanks to the ability of blink and CC, Kagura Support can with a pretty good ability to initiate defeat. In addition, the high level of explosion damage and long attack distance allows Kagura to help attack the heroes brought by the enemy. 

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X Borg

Core ML

When X.Borg was released, he always took an offlane position to gain huge EXP. Therefore, he could increase his skill level faster. Increasing this skill will allow you to deal relatively high explosion damage to kill enemies immediately.

X.Borg is also one of the most popular Hero cores because of its offensive ability which is very difficult to control. In addition to the very short duration of the skill delay, the damage can also be more painful when the fire effect reaches its highest level.

While the power change is being carried out, X.Borg now doesn't have the same amount of damage as before. However, he is still effective as a Hero Support companion who leads attacks on enemies.

With Skill 1, X.Borg can deal great damage to the enemy. In addition, X.Borg can also attract enemies using Skill 2. Not to mention Ulti skills, X.Borg can inflict enormous damage to enemies.

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