Quick Die? These Various Genshin Impact Healers You Must Use!

healer genshin impact

Healer Character Genshin Impact maybe in the past for some players it was considered less important to be included in the game party.

Players tend to rely more on dodge and character shield to protect the character to stay alive against enemies.

Player views seem to change after launch updates Inazuma di updates Genshin Impact especially on updates 2.1.

New monsters that have new mechanics are quite challenging for players.

Monsters like Rifhound and Wolflord bring effects corrosion. This effect will drain the character's HP and unfortunately use it shield will have no effect on the effect.

Despite the use of shield you still need so you don't get damage more than physical attacks, you still need healer so that your character does not always lack HP.

Fortunately various characters healer presented by Genshin Impact with different healing abilities. 

Every healer It has abilities that you can adjust to your team's needs and combinations.

Various options healer you can get use. Choice of 4 star and 5 star character healer 

Genshin Impact is presented with various elements that you can adjust the use of and match the party combination your DPS.

5 Star Genshin Impact Healer Characters


healer genshin impact jean

Jean is the 5-star Genshin Impact character you should be build as healer for your team. 

Although maybe you are quite annoyed because Jean is a character who often spook when you pull Character Wish Banner, it's undeniable that if you get Jean you have to build this character.

Jean is one of the characters healer The best Genshin Impact. You can do this Knight of Favonius Acting Grand Master build as DPS or support.

Build Jean is also quite easy. You only need to use the artifact with stat Anemo DMG bonus and ATK or ATK% and Jean's ability to heal characters is so good that your character's HP will be full immediately.

Each of Jean's abilities is also capable of increasing HP. Jean's Elemental Burst has a large AoE so you can use it to upgrade damage because anemo gives swirl.

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Sangonomiya Kokomi

healer genshin impact kokomi
Sangonomiya Kokomi

Sangonomiya Kokomi is character healer Genshin Impact which is also very good. 

The plan is that this Hydro element user character will get rerun in the second period banner updates 2.5 so if you need healers, you can get this character.

Kokomi's abilities are interesting because they greatly contribute to the battle. 

Elemental skills Kokomi will issue a water manifestation in the form of a jellyfish which besides being able to attack, can also heal your character if it is near the jellyfish from the Kurage Oath attack earlier.

His passive buff was adjusted to increase the effectiveness of his summoned healing as well as his personal regeneration stats. 

Besides that, skills This passive can increase his Hydro's attack power to make him more effective in battle.

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healer genshin impact qiqi

Qiqi you can use as healer at a time play your DPS.

As character healer Genshin Impact, Qiqi may be a little more passive than healer other. But you can build Qiqi if you need character healer and play DPS with Cryo elements at once.

Cryo damage resulting from Qiqi big enough that you can really choose to be damage dealers.

Elemental skills from Qiqi will summon an ice spirit that revolves around the character. This ability will be very good for you to use during exploration that requires a character to cross the sea.

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4 Star Genshin Impact Healer Characters

The choice of the 4-star Genshin Impact healer character is much more numerous and varied than the 5-star character. The following are the characters healer 4 stars:


healer genshin impact bennett

It is undeniable that Bennett is the best 4-star character that you must build.

Apart from being healer Genshin Impact, Bennett can also be buffer which can increase damage your DPS.

Bennett is a complete pack character a must have on your team. As healer Bennett has the ability healing which is very fast, even including the fastest compared to characters healer other.

Fantastic Voyage which is elemental burst from Bennett which can increase up to 70% HP from Bennett constantly.

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healer genshin impact noelle

Although not used very often, Noelle's stat combination makes her one of the characters healer 4-star Genshin Impact that you should take into account.

Skills healing from Noelle is calculated (scale) Based on stat DEF Noelle, one of the stat which is easiest for you to find in various artifacts.

Noelle is also a versatile character. You can use Noelle as healer also as shield.

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healer genshin impact barbara

healer is probably the first word you think of when you see Barbara.

You can get this character for free when you have completed quest archon.

All those good Barbara attacks elemental skills and bout elemental can provide immense healing.

As healer Genshin Impact, Barbara's strength is calculated based on HP so it's very easy to built. 

If you manage to get the constellation Barbara in C6, you can revive your dead character with full HP.

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healer genshin impact xingqiu

Xingqiu is a character healer Genshin Impact that you must build if you have this character.

Xingqiu's position as healer Genshin Impact and also support can be applied to almost any DPS with any element.

No wonder Xingqiu was named one of the best 4-star characters besides Bennett.

Elemental skillsl and elemental burst Xingqiu which is shaped like a sword that surrounds the character will regenerate HP after the duration is up. 

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healer genshin impact sayu

If you are looking for Jean finder as an Anemo element user for swirl and also as healers, You can choose Sayu as healer on your team. 

Sayu's ability as healer Genshin Impact appears via reaction because every time he triggers a Swirl, all of your party members will regain up to 300 HP.

Ability healing Sayu will be more effective when Sayu uses elemental burst-his. 

Just like Jean Sayu's healing power is calculated from the amount of ATK so it's very easy for you build

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