Google Pixel 6: Price & Release Date

Pixel 6 Smartphone 2021 Flagship From Google

Today, May 18, 2021, the official Google I/O event will be held. Will Google introduce the latest Pixel 6 flagship smartphone at this event?

For those of you who don't know, Google I/O is an annual software developer conference hosted by Google in San Francisco, California.

Last year this event was canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, last year we also didn't get any leaks whether if the Google I/O took place, would Google introduce their new Pixel 6.

It seems that the ones that are more likely to be introduced at Google I/O 2021 this time are Android 12 and the Google Pixel 5a, because there have been lots of leaks about the new OS and this device circulating on various forums and social media.

The Google Pixel 3a made its debut at Google I/O in 2019, that's why many Pixel fans are waiting for the new Pixel device at Google I/O. Is it the Pixel 5a or maybe even the Pixel 6? For more detailed information, we'll just have to wait after the Google I/O event ends on May 20.

After this we will discuss all the information we know about the Google Pixel 6, we got this information and we summarized it from the leaks and rumors that have been circulating so far.

Regarding the visual image of this device, we also haven't gotten a definite picture of how the final render of the Google Pixel 6.

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Google Pixel 6 Price and Release Date

Pixel 6 Smartphone 2021 Flagship From Google
Google Pixel 5

Everything we know about the price and availability of the Google Pixel 6 is just a guess based on the Pixel 5.

We expect this phone to be out in late 2021, based on trends from Google, which last year also released the Google Pixel 5 in mid-October.

In terms of price, that might be a bit tricky to guess, as the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 are high-end phones, the Pixel 5 is a mid-range phone, and we don't know if Google will stick with the Pixel 6 as a mid-range phone. range or return as before to become a flagship HP.

But according to rumors circulating, Google Pixel 6 will be present as a flagship cellphone later, will it use Snapdragon 870/888 or newer, or will it use the latest Mediatek Dimensity, or will it use their own chipset which Google is said to be working on, namely 'Whitechapel'.

However, we guess it looks like the Pixel 6 will still be at the level of mid-range HP, maybe Google wants to try again the success of the Pixel 5 which managed to win people's hearts because it has a more affordable price on their latest Pixel.

Pixel 5 is priced at USD 699, maybe we can see later the price of the Pixel 6 will be in that price range, or if it is translated to around 10 million rupiah, and don't forget when it enters Indonesia it will probably be 12-13 million rupiah. Because of what? Yes, because there are import duties, taxes and others.

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