Guide to Using Genshin Impact Cryo Element for High Damage

Genshin Impact Cryo Element

Genshin Impact has seven elements with different effects. You have to know the best Genshin Impact Cryo Element to get high damage from it.

Genshin Impact has seven elements with different effects. Cryo is one of the most powerful elements for aggressive gameplay. Check out this quick guide on how to use Genshin Impact Cryo Element here.

Genshin Impact Cryo Element


Genshin Impact Cryo Element

Genshin Impact Cryo Element has a lot of amazing strong points. Take a quick review and decide whether to spend Primogem on the Cyro banner or not.

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He is the coldest and strongest aggressive element in Genshin Impact. But the female character Cryo in this game is very hot. Players have a large selection of Cryo characters for every role in the team, from support to main DPS.

In addition, all of these characters are very strong. For example, Ganyu, Eula, and Ayaka are the three most favorite characters in Spiral Abyss every season.

When Genshin Impact Cryo Element is applied to a wet enemy, it can freeze them on the battlefield. Frozen Reaction has several advantages for characters:

  • Attack enemies without letting them respond or dodge;
  • Prevent the enemy from attacking the character, especially when the enemy is about to use elemental burst.

This insane cc ability protects characters and lets them deal more accurate damage to enemies. While it doesn't increase the damage for the character's Cryo or Hydro attacks, it does allow the main DPS to deal a lot of DMG without losing HP.

Players can focus on ATK, Energy Recharge, or element DMG stats without having to build elemental mastery stats for their Cryo character. That's why you can easily have a DPS or sub-DPS in a strong field from the Cryo character roster.

It's easy to get the best artifacts to increase the CRIT Rate for this character. You only need four Blizzard Strayer from the Peak of Vindagnyr domain in Dragonspine's Peak. This is a collection of the best artifacts for most Cryo characters.

With these four sets, their CRIT rate increased massively. Then, their elemental blast deals significantly higher elemental damage to enemies within attack range.

You can build a 75 percent CRIT rate with the highest character level, Cryo element resonance, artifacts, Frozen reactions, and Rosaria as support.

If you have Ayaka, Eula, or Ganyu at level 80+, you can build up their CRIT level to finish battles quickly no matter how strong the boss is.

This character can easily destroy annoying enemy elemental shields, especially Hydro's shield. But when you combine his DPS elemental attacks with his Hydro and Anemo support, you can easily destroy that shield and blow away enemies.

Tips for Using Genshin Impact Cryo Element

Genshin Impact Cryo Element
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Despite the many advantages of Genshin Impact Cryo Element, it is still difficult for many players to master DPS Cryo. You may need some tips to use this element effectively.

  • Do not use Eula for a team that has a CRIT Rate buff.
  • Try to get the enemy infected with the Cryo element before using a Crit attack.
  • It's better to freeze the opponent before releasing burst elements with the main DPS.
  • Build a full team or a Frozen team with at least one Hydro supporter.

Genshin Impact players may not be aware of this easy way to increase overall damage and even allow certain compositions to be extremely powerful.

Harnessing elemental resonance is a big part of team composition in Genshin Impact, and players should take advantage of this feature to maximize their team's results.

With many elemental resonance effects available, players can choose the one that best suits their team and provides the best buff for their playing style.

There is a lot of elemental resonance in Genshin Impact, and each one provides a different buff for the player team. This resonance applies when a player has two characters with the same element in a team, and the player can run up to two element resonance simultaneously.

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Element Resonance

Genshin Impact Cryo Element

Deciding which elemental resonance player to pick is largely based on the composition of the team they make up. The strongest resonances must be Pyro and Geo, as they give the whole party crazy buffs.

If players are trying to incorporate resonance into their team, they will definitely have to choose one of the two.

However, players using Cryo's main DPS should really make sure that they take advantage of Cryo's resonance, as it will provide a hefty 15 percent buff to their Crit level. This will increase damage significantly, allowing for easier crit.

Hydro has the least impact resonance, as healing is not currently required in Genshin Impact. Anemo, on the other hand, has a special benefit, and while it's definitely useful, players don't have to go out of their way to include it.

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Elemental resonance is an important part of Genshin Impact and players should make sure to take advantage of their powerful buffs. This buff can result in a large increase in damage to the entire team, making the coordination element a big part of Genshin Impact.

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