Must Choose 1, First Media VS Indihome Which Is Good? Part 1

First Media VS Indihome

It is common knowledge that these two cable internet providers have the widest coverage areas in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java. First Media vs Indihome, which one do you think you will choose? If you are stuck between the two internet provider options.

Not only outside the capital city of DKI Jakarta, but in DKI Jakarta itself, many areas are stuck with only these two providers. There is no other option, another cable internet provider, only First Media vs Indihome.

Let's explore first what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two providers, let's see more!

First Media VS Indihome, Confused Which to Choose?

Advantages of First Media

  • Real unlimited without FUP

Who doesn't like streaming a movie/youtube suddenly the internet speed slows down, because it's running out of FUP. If you use First Media, you will not experience this.

In contrast to its competitor Indihome, which will reduce internet speed both download and upload when you have passed the FUP (Fair Usage Policy).

Disadvantages of First Media

  • Haven't used fiber optic cable for most areas

Even though First Media has actually used fiber optic cable for some of the areas covered by its services, the area that uses coaxial/copper cables is still the largest.

Even now, we don't know when First Media will start upgrading their cable from coaxial/copper to fiber optic as a whole.

  • Internet speed 1:10

Many of you probably don't know about this. How does the upload speed affect your internet usage? The answer really matters!

Try First Media service users, for example, you subscribe to the internet with a speed of 10Mbps. That means, you will get a download speed of 10Mbps and an upload speed of 1Mbps.

Why? Yes it is. First Media is indeed unfair because it has never clearly communicated this information to its customers, because it is clear that this will be a frightening specter, both for those who understand and those who do not understand.

Since its launch in Indonesia, First Media is still very firm with this policy, namely the policy that the internet speed that will be provided to customers by them is 1:10.

Try to test it, for example, if you subscribe to First Media with a speed of 10Mbps. Then you upload a file for example 100MB in size, and voila, that's right, you won't be able to browse/do anything comfortably, because your upload speed which is only 1Mbps uses 100%.

  • Still using STB without Android OS support

If you subscribe to the internet + TV package from First Media, then for the basic/default service you won't get an Android STB/TV Box to watch TV.

If you want to get an Android STB/TV Box, you have to spend more money to rent the device, namely the Smart Box X1 4K.

Is it important for an Android STB/TV Box? Yes, it really depends on your needs, this will be important, if you want to make your TV that is not yet Smart/Android TV, become like a Smart/Android TV.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the First Media cable internet provider. So, if you were faced with a choice between First Media vs Indihome, what would you choose now? Vicigers?

Oh, it's not complete yet, in this session we will only discuss the advantages and disadvantages of First Media. For the advantages and disadvantages of Indihome, we will discuss it in part 2. Stay tuned for updates from us.

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