How to get the FF OB35 Advance Server Activation Code

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Patch FF OB35 upcoming ones will be out soon. You can join this advanced server by using an activation code.

Garena will release the FF OB35 patch at the end of July, and to prepare it, they will set up the Advance server. This is a unique client that allows players to try out new features and provide feedback.

The OB34 version of Garena Free Fire MAX is nearing its peak, and the upcoming patch will arrive in July 2022. The release of the OB35 version is expected to occur between 20 and 22 July, as its launch will coincide with the end of Clash Squad Rank Season 13 or the start of Season 14. So, There's still almost three weeks left before the update rolls out.

As with every patch update, OB35 will roll out after Advance Server, which is expected to go live two weeks before that version rolls out.

Garena has revealed the start date of the OB35 Advance Server. The Advance Server APK will be available on July 7th. However, players can register prior to arrival to get the Activation Code for the FF OB35 beta APK.

In this article, we will show you how to get an activation code for Free Fire OB35 Advance Server.

About FF OB35 Advance Server


Players are looking forward to Garena to release the new OB35 update for the Free Fire title. The game is based on the concept of a battle royale where the player must survive to the end and emerge as the main survivor to win the match.

Developers are constantly adding new items and other improvements to keep players' interest intact in the game.

The new OB35 update is just around the corner and will be released in the coming weeks. Viewers love the OB34 update as it features many new modes and other elements in the title.

Now, players are looking forward to Advance Server to test the upcoming features of the new OB35 update. Advance Server is a test server that Garena releases before the new update.

Players can use the Advanced Server to test new features in future updates and provide feedback to developers.

Advance Server was released by the developer to offer the best gaming experience to Free Fire players and eliminate any bugs in the title.

FF OB35 Advance Server will start on July 7, 2022. Similar to the previous test, players can download the APK, while the server can be opened a few hours later. Only Android players can participate in this test, and the client will remain open until July 14, 2022.

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Since Advance Server is only temporary, all user data will be deleted when the trial period ends.

How to Register FF OB35 Advance Server

Free Fire

Free Fire MAX users can get an Activation Code after completing Advance Server registration. After receiving the Activation Code, one can use the same once the APK file is available.

Similar to the previous advance server, players can register for the OB35 version on the advance server website. Below is a step by step guide to the process:

  1. Visit the official Free Fire Advance Server registration site.
  2. Sign in with social media accounts. You should use the one associated with the Free Fire account if possible.
  3. Fill in the details of the registration form and tap “join now” to complete the process.

The application will then be sent for review. Only some players will be given an activation code. To increase your chances of logging in, using multiple accounts may be a good idea. If your account is selected, you will receive an activation code to access the advanced server.

Account age is important – it's best to use an email with an older associated account. The newly created clone will not be selected for the Advanced Server.

After getting the code, just download the APK Free Fire Advance Server, login, and enter the code to gain access. Every Code Free Fire Advance Server activation can only be used on one account so you shouldn't share it with anyone.

This also means that all articles that provide activation codes on the internet are most likely fake.

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Advantages of Playing OB35 Advance Server

FF Color Code

Apart from trying new features first, players can also get a good amount of diamonds if they are fast. This means logging in and playing the game on the first day is a must, only by doing that you can find bugs early to get those free diamonds.

Top 6 bug reports will get 1000 – 3000 diamonds. For every unknown bug report, you will get 100 diamonds. It will be added to your main account after the advanced server ends.

The Activation Code will be available instantly, or the developer will make it available on the APK download page a few days after registration. However, the download link will appear on July 7, 2022. Therefore, players will have to log back in after the launch of the FF OB35 Advance Server.

Free Fire MAX players can copy the Advance Server code and paste it into their device records. We must also remember that Activation Codes are unique, and they can only use them once. Therefore, they should not share the Activation Code with anyone.

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Indonesian players don't have to worry about APK Advance Server as it will work in their country. OB35 Advance Server file is a modified Free Fire APK, which is expected to work without any hassle.

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