FF MAX Store Revamp: List of Bundles, Emotes, and Gloo Wall Skins

FF MAX Store

The FF MAX Store system has just been overhauled with three new categories. There are many of the best items to buy. Such as bundles, emotes and new gloo wall skins.

You can buy various accessories in the game at FF MAX Store. The two currencies for the shop are diamonds and gold.

While the former must be purchased using real money, the latter can be obtained for free by playing the game. Garena recently overhauled the FF Max Store to add various gloo wall skins, emotes, and bundles, which are the three most common items that players want to buy.

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In this article, we will feature a complete list of all the items in the FF MAX Store revamp revamp.

Register FF Max Store Revamp

FF MAX Store has a variety of in-game accessories that players can get by spending diamonds or gold coins in the game.

Diamonds and gold coins are the two in-game currencies, and although diamonds must be purchased using real money, gold coins can be earned through events, successful challenge completion, and daily logins.

To get in-game items, players must head to the FF Max Store section. The Garena team has revamped this section, and players can head over there to browse the new in-game collectibles.

Gloo Wall Skins

FF MAX Store
Gloo wall

Gloo wall skins, emotes and bundles are the three most wanted items that mobile gamers get from the Store. Here is the list of items and the steps to get them in the game.

Below is a list of all Gloo Wall skins that can be purchased by players:

  • Spikey Spine Gloo Wall – 599 diamonds 
  • Stormbringer Gloo Wall – 599 diamonds 
  • Glo Technica Gloo Wall – 599 diamonds 
  • Pink Wink Gloo Wall – 399 diamonds 
  • Disco Fiasco Gloo Wall – 399 diamonds 
  • Angel with Horns Gloo Wall – 399 diamonds 


FF MAX Store
Bundle Vigilante

Below is a list of all the bundles that players can purchase:

  • Stereo Noisemaker Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • Stereo Blaster Bundle – 1499 diamonds
  • Phantom Microzark Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Bullet Dancer Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Persian Secrets Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Warrior Prince Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Skull Punker Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • The Weekend Runner Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Wilderness Trapper Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Wilderness Hunter Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Midnight Mafia Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Midnight Gangster Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • The Blood Skull Rocker Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Canine Enforcer Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • KO Night – Burn Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Midnight Oni Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Trendy Diver Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Jovial Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • Plague Doctor Bundle – 1199 diamonds
  • English Uniform Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Youngster Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Jailbird Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • The Weekend Clubber Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Superstar Weekend Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Crimson Parkour Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • The Tropic Rumble Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Samurai Faceless Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Kendoka Blindfold Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Violet Parkour Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Persian Valor Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Persian Prowess Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Heatbound Desert Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Surgeon Bloodlust Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Golden Sunrise Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Frost-Draco Colonel Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Frost-Draco Commander Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Woof Pro Catcher Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Meow Pro Pitcher Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Summer Heart-Throb Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Summer Darling Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • The Adventure Dawn Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Assault Force – 899 diamonds
  • Shadow Striker Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Prince Pink Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Princess Pink Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Ventus Rogue Bundle – Luck Royale section
  • Nebula Rogue Bundle – Luck Royale section
  • Cybersword Neon Bundle – Luck Royale section
  • Cybersword Ember Bundle – Luck Royale section
  • Lotus Blader Bundle – Luck Royale section
  • Antiquated Warrior Bundle – Luck Royale section
  • Plumber Bundle (Female) – 499 diamonds or 24950 gold coins
  • Burning Rays Bundle – 499 diamonds or 24950 gold coins


FF MAX Store
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Below is a list of all the Emotes players can buy:

  • The Collapse – Lucky Royale section
  • Party Dance – 399 diamonds
  • LOL – 399 diamonds
  • Death glare – 399 diamonds
  • Greetings – 199 diamonds
  • Top Scorer – 399 diamonds
  • Switching Steps – 199 diamonds
  • BATTLE IN STYLE – 199 diamonds
  • Hello – 199 diamonds
  • Applause – 199 diamonds
  • Top DJ – 599 diamonds
  • Burnt BBQ – 599 diamonds
  • Shimmy – 399 diamonds
  • The Victor – 399 diamonds
  • Sii! – 399 diamonds
  • Kongfu – 399 diamonds
  • Bring it on! – 399 diamonds
  • Dab – 199 diamonds
  • Arm Wave – 199 diamonds
  • Baby Shark – 399 diamonds
  • Dangerous Wave – 399 diamonds
  • Threaten – 399 diamonds
  • Moon Flip – 399 diamonds
  • Mind it! – 599 diamonds
  • Shattered Reality – 599 diamonds
  • One-Finger Pushup – 399 diamonds
  • Bhangra – 399 diamonds
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The Best Skins and Emotes To Buy

FF MAX Store

Overall, there are plenty of items worth buying in the shop, with all Gloo walls being the top tier. However, in terms of skins, the Phantom Microzark bundle is a tier above the rest. Between Emotes, Hello, Applause and Greetings are the most useful.

Skins help players make their in-game character look more unique and stand out from the rest in the lobby. Players can equip these skins on in-game characters, weapons, vehicles, gloo walls, and other items.

You can get the Dawnlit Hitmans set from the diamond royale section of the game. The outfit had a stunning shine and look. The outfit can be redeemed with the help of a spin in the diamond royale.

Players can do one round with 60 diamonds and also have the option to do 11 rounds for 600 diamonds. The chances of getting a set are higher and one can easily get a set for themselves.

Skin Deceptive Fearless Gloo Wall is one of the most sought after cosmetics on the show. Skins available at the event Faded Wheel in the events section. Players can head to events to redeem gloo wall skins with the help of diamonds. The black and purple theme of the gloo wall skin is very attractive.

The small sword imprinted in the center of the gloo wall further enhanced its gleaming appearance.

The Tricky Jolly Bundle is an excellent bundle added to the bundles section of the store. This bundle has a light green top and a dark green bottom which looks significant.

The Aquablaze Wrath of Vector skin is a rare weapon skin in the game. Players can obtain skins from the Aquablaze Wrath loot chest in the weapons section of the shop.

One chest costs around 40 diamonds for players to redeem skins permanently. After equipping skins, they can increase damage per hit and weapon range.

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