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The King of Fighters Mobile Legends Event is Back Again?

Hallo Vicigers friends, Event King of Fighters (KoF) is one of the most awaited events for Mobile Legends gamers. It is said that this event will get rerun. When is the date?

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This KoF event is a crossover between the Mobile Legends game and the fighting game made by SNK. In this event, you can collect skins for Mobile Legends heroes that will transform them into King of Fighters characters!

This skin is very special because it not only changes the visual appearance of the heroes, but also changes their visual skills and dialogue. KoF and Legend skins are the only skins that can display this radical change.

Currently KoF skins are released in two batches. The first batch is Guinevere (Athena Asamiya), Chou (Iori Yagami), and Karina (Leona). In the second batch, there are Aurora (Kula Diamond), Dyrroth (Orochi Chris), and Gusion (K').

To get skin you have to buy it with Diamond or by completing events prize. Only Leona's skin is obtained for free.

When will the KoF event in Mobile Legends be held again?
The King of Fighters Mobile Legends Event is Back Again?

It was held last year, there were rumors that the King of Fighters event would be rerun in the Mobile Legends game.

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