How to Hack Diamond Mobile Legends, Auto Become Sultan!

Diamond Mobile Legends

Maybe the hack method is one of the illegal or illegal ways to get diamond mobile legends. If you still want to do it, please check this article.

Want to know how to cheat or hack diamond? mobile legends to get it for free? The following is a cheat on how to cheat diamond mobile legends, one of which you can use the latest termux ml hack application for Android and the latest online 2022.

Game lovers call online games or often referred to as Dota games. Because this adventure genre game provides a very unique and fun game screen display.

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Now this game is called Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It's very easy to play mobile legends, you get the first battle point which is not too big.

While your hero is still small, so if you want to mix units or heroes, of course you have to go through the challenges of each level. You don't have to wait long to add units, because here we will provide a tutorial on how to hack diamond mobile legends.

Well, by getting diamond mobile legends this latest you get a DMBB DM which is quite large, namely 500 to 1000 diamonds. With lots of diamonds, you can buy heroes like Kagura, Uranus and others.

So to shorten playing time, this is how to cheat mobile legends and mod mobile legends apk. Please see how to hack diamond mobile legends below. 

How to Hack Diamond Mobile Legends Game HQ

Diamond Mobile Legends
Diamond Mobile Legends

For the ML diamond cheat method, if done correctly, you will get mobile legends diamonds, besides that you have to choose who is suitable to add diamonds as Battle Points.

  1. First, download Mobile Legends from the Play Store.
  2. If you have downloaded and then installed it on your android phone, open the mobile legends apk game. 
  3. Make sure the Battle Points of Diamonds is empty, then close and open your browser because we will use the mobile legends hacking method via the internet, please copy this link “http://mobilelegendshack.Hq-games-tools. com” then place it in the browser search engine.
  4. After doing this a new page will appear and click on Verify and see the image below for more details.
  5. When you are ready, you download other applications or games, for example, we download the AOV game.
  6. However, if it has been downloaded, Mobile Legends will not close first or close the game for 30 seconds. Because if it doesn't reach 30 seconds, Diamond mobile legends won't work.
  7. After 30 seconds, please logout and open the Mobile Legends game. Then the battle points and gems will appear automatically.

Above is a tutorial on how to hack ML or cheat mobile legends on PC without rooting, and if you want to get rooted mobile legend diamonds on Android phones, follow the instructions for mobile legends without Android below and hack or cheat. Diamond ML APK with Diamond Termux mobile cheat app legend.

Legal Ways to Get Diamond Mobile Legends

With Diamond, you can shop with interesting items such as skins, heroes, emblems, tour appearances, emotions, and more. To get this ML diamond there are 2 versions which are paid and free.

For the paid version, you can easily top up on VCGamers. However, there are also many prizes, promotions, and applications to get ML diamonds for free.

Join Streamer Gaming Giveaway

Diamond Mobile Legends
Feeder in Mobile Legends

A game streamer is someone who broadcasts live while playing online games. Streamers often give away diamonds, game accessories and even money to attract viewers and increase viewership.

Many other youtubers and game streamers on Indonesian platforms love gifts. You should always follow their YouTube channel or social media accounts to get the latest donation information. Follow the instructions and then you can easily get diamonds.

Participate In Tournament

Diamond Mobile Legends
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Participating in Mobile Legends tournaments, whether officially organized by Moonton or organized by the Mobile Legends community, can be one way to get Mobile Legends diamonds for free.

Not only do you participate in tournament activities, you can also earn battle points and special skins.

Try to find information about Mobile Legends tournaments that are available in your area, campus, community, and city where you live. Keep improving your skills and win prizes from Mobile Legends tournaments, whether amateur, semi-professional or professional.

Giveaway from Moonton

Diamond Mobile Legends

Game makers will often continue to improvise to make their games popular. One of them is market activation. Now one of the market activation strategies is gifts for fans.

Usually, prizes are given on the condition that they do a lot of activities, such as monitoring social media accounts or reviewing games. Now try to follow social media accounts Mobile Legends Bang Bang, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, on Twitter.

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Become a Streamer

Diamond Mobile Legends
Streamer Mobile Legends

Are you one of those people who get along well with other people? Are there any devices that can stream? You can try this method to become a streamer.

You can live stream on the platform which can be live streamed while playing. When you become a streamer, you can get stickers, gifts or likes from viewers and add ML diamonds for free.

This is in line with the function of stickers and prizes that are always issued on the platform. The more people view your streaming account and give gifts, the more rewards you get for exchanging diamonds.

That's how to get diamond mobile legends for free. However, if you don't want to do all of the above to get it for free, you top up at VCGamers.

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