This is the Best Counter Hero Lancelot in Mobile Legends, Auto Give Up!

hero counter Lancelot

Lancelot is a very strong hero in Indonesia Mobile Legends. He has many useful skills such as blink, immune, burst. This killer cannot be stopped, but you can counter Lancelot's hero with other heroes that we will explain on this page.

Use Hero With Burst Damage and Crowd Control

Before you know Lancelot's counter hero, you better use some heroes who can fight from Lancelot's skills.

Lancelot is a very agile assassin, the damage he gives cannot be underestimated. But like assassins in general, he doesn't have high durability. We recommend choosing a hero with crowd control to lock his movement and a hero with burst damage to knock him out when caught.

Belerick Lemon is fine in M2, this is the reason to "don't use" this hero tank when dealing with Lancelot. This is the reason why Jawhead became an M2 customer in Mobile Legends.

Every assassin hero needs items and experience to be able to deal high damage, as well as the tasks he carries as team carry. To get these two things, an assassin will farm in the jungle.

Attacking enemy jungles is the most common way to silence assassins, including Lancelot. Try to play more aggressively at least to inhibit Lancelot's farm so that your carry can get items and experience faster.

Counter Hero Lancelot

Choose a hero with burst damage and crowd control, of course you already have your own list of heroes who have these two things.

Then choose a hero who can play aggressively from the start to suppress the opponent's jungle. Several names fall into this category, but the most powerful is Jawhead. With this mechanism, he can disrupt Lancelot's farm from the start while locking assassins easily.

Here are 5 of the most powerful Lancelot MLBB hero counters that can make users useless when in the land of downs. Lancelot is arguably the king's assassin hero, immune from his 2nd skill, but the damage he has is no less terrible, able to kill the opponent's core hero with just one combo attack.

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Lancelot and Guinevere

Lancelot usually carries restraint as a spell, so Guinevere is the answer, you just have to wait for Lancelot's 2nd skill to be used and then attack with Guinevere's 2nd and 3rd skill.



Yep, this one hero is very often used against agile heroes like Lancelot, with 2 Khufra skills to stop Lancelot's movement. Skill two (Bounce Ball) Khufra turns into a bouncing ball, increasing physical and magical defense by 30 percent, making Lanacelot unable to blink and giving an airborne effect.

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Heroes with full crowd control plus immunity from all kinds of attack effects make Chou the most suitable hero for Lancelot's counter heroes. The Way of Dragon is Chou's ultimate skill where Chou will kick to cause a knockback effect to Lancelot and give 400 physical damage plus +200 percent Extra Physical Attack.



If Lancelot attacks Helcurt with his basic attack or skill 1 first, even Lancelot gives up on giving himself to Helcurt who has deadly silence and high damage skills.



Not much different from Helcurt, Natalia also has annoying silence, especially for Lance users who have thin blood plus can't avoid Natalia because of the silence effect it gives. This is what makes Natalia suitable as a counter hero Lancelot.

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Those are powerful heroes to fight the power of Lancelot's OP and can be your choice to counter Lancelot's heroes. So, no need to worry when the opposing team gets Lancelot first than your team.

It's better to just use the Lancelot hero counter as we said above. Not always heroes in Mobile Legends will always be OP without any weaknesses. Likewise with Lancelot who can be countered with heroes with burst damage skills.

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