Note! Complete List of Cheats Rumble Racing PS2

Rumble Racing Cheats

Rumble Racing is a car racing game which is of course a racing genre. This game is available for PlayStation 2 or PS2 platforms. Vicigers must have known this game if it was born from the 90s. Of course, this game has a lot of fans, especially in Indonesia. In addition, this game also has a cheat, namely the Rumble Racing cheat.

Like other racing games, this list of cheats will give players the freedom to unlock cars, racetracks, and much more. Uniquely, this racing game has many game modes, not just racing.

This Rumble Racing game is one of the classic games that many people are interested in, released in 2001. Electronic Arts as a game developer, it provides a cheat menu so that players can easily enter cheats.

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For Vicigers who want to use cheats in the Rumble Racing PS2 game, let's see the discussion below!

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List of Cheats Rumble Racing PS2

Cheats Get All Cars

Rumble Racing Cheat Menu
Rumble Racing Cheat Menu. Source: Carisignal

To use cheats in the Rumble Racing PS2 game, players must navigate to the password menu that has been provided in the game. Here's how to enter the Rumble Racing game cheat menu:

  • Enter into Rumble Racing
  • Select Game Options
  • Select Load and Save
  • Press right button
  • Choose Password
  • Fill with cheat code

After knowing how to navigate to the cheat code filling menu, it's time to discuss the complete list of Rumble Racing cheat codes. Let's check below for the cheat code!

For Vicigers who are new to Rumble Racing, of course they want to use a lot of cars to race. However, these cars can only become available after doing a lot of missions. Don't worry, if Vicigers want to immediately use a lot of cars, here are the cheats for Vicigers to use in the cheat code filling menu:

  • LEAITEPUC = Blue Devil
  • HGIROLREL = High Roller
  • AEPPROPUC = Road Kill
  • ABOGOBOGA = Road Trip Car
  • BSUIGASUM = Gamecu
  • OPSRTISUC = Sporticus
  • VTYANIYTT = Van Itty
  • THTORHROT = Thor
  • NALDSHHSD = XXS Tomcat
  • UBTCKSTOH = Buckshot
  • AMHBRAAMH = Stinger
  • TLACOBTLA = Cobalt
  • ILQTEC3PU = Direwolf
  • Q2PROC2YT = Escargot
  • 1AREXT1AR = Vortex
  • P1PROC1PU = Cataclysm

After using the cheat, players will immediately get a car according to the code used. For the fastest cars, players can use these cars and try them out. According to YouTuber Atarashi Nezume, the fastest cars include the Escargot, the Interceptor, and the Blue Devil.

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Cup Rumble Racing Cheat Mode

Rumble Racing Cup
Rumble Racing Cup. Source: YouTube/Stormicyde

In addition to the cheat to unlock all cars, there is also a cheat that gives players a cup mode. This cup mode is available in full via the following cheat codes:

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  • Pro Cup 2 = P1PROC1PU
  • Pro Cup 3 = Q2PROC2YT
  • Elite Cup 2 = ILETEC1MB
  • Elite Cup 3 = ILCTEC2VB
  • Elite Cup 4 = ILQTEC3PU
  • EA Elite Cup = LEAITEPUC
  • EA Stunt Cup = YEAMPLOWW
  • Elite Cup = AEPROCPUC

Players will be able to play in cup mode according to the code that the player enters in the cheat code filling menu.

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Cheat Mode Championship and All Tracks

Rumble Racing Championship
Rumble Racing Championship. Source: GGWP

Not only cup, Rumble Racing also provides Championship mode or championship mode. Here are the cheat codes that players can enter to unlock all championship modes:


The last cheat code for the Rumble Racing game is a cheat to open all the streets in this game. Here is a cheat code for players to enjoy all the features of the road as a road to race:

  • Over Easy = ILQTEC3PU
  • Circus Minimus = ZEAGTLUKE
  • Surf & Turf = AEPPROPUC

Like the previous cheat, the player will open a path according to the cheat code that the player enters.

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How to Unlock All Cars Without Cheat

Secret Car
Secret Car. Source: YouTube/xTimelessGaming

Vicigers can unlock all cars in this game without any cheats. If Vicigers wants this, then here is a complete list of features as well as how to get them:

  • Blue Devil: Win Elite Cup 4
  • Cataclysm: Win Pro Cup 1
  • Direwolf: Win the Elite Cup 3
  • Dragon: Win the Rookie Cup 1
  • El Diablo: Win Pro Cup 3
  • Escargot: Win Pro Cup 2
  • Jolly Roger: Win Elite Cup 1
  • Maelstrom: Win the EA Rookie Cup
  • Malice: Win the Elite Cup 2
  • Mandrake: Win Rookie Cup 2
  • Road Kill: Win the EA Pro Cup

The Rumble Racing game also provides easter eggs or something hidden in each track. Therefore, players must find the easter egg to unlock various secret cars. Here is a list of secret car names with easter egg holders:

  • Buck Shot: Passing Through
  • Cobalt: Surf and Turf
  • Gamecus: Sun Burn
  • High Roller: Flip Out
  • Interceptor: Over Easy
  • Revolution: True Grits
  • Road Trip: Falls Down
  • Sporticus: Car Go
  • Stinger: Coal Cuts
  • Thor: Outer Limits
  • Van Itty: So Refined
  • Vortex: The Gauntlet
  • XXS-TOMCAT: Wild Kingdom
  • Redneck Rocket: Touch and Go

That's the cheat code for the Rumble Racing game and how to unlock the secret car. For gaming purposes, let's visit VC Market by VCGamers! Enjoy the promos and cashback available while they last!

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