Alberttt's Build Ling, Auto Savage Continues!

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There are so many Mobile Legends fans who like thisbuild Alberttt's Ling hero because this hero is very sick when used by the pro-player. Ling can be a terrible Assassin when used by the right and experienced people, one of whom is RRQ Alberttt.

In fact, RRQ Alberttt managed to get Savage when using this Ling hero in MPL Season 7.


Ling is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Assassin type. As we know, the Assassin type hero is a deadly hero and becomes a damage dealer for the team.

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Ling has a variety of unique skills, if this hero is successfully built properly it will make this hero become feared by the enemy, especially in a 1 vs 1 situation. The damage generated by Ling is very large and can make a quick kill to the enemy.

Ling is also one of the heroes in Lawn of Dawn who has above average mobility. One of the pro players who uses this hero is RRQ Alberttt.

RRQ Alberttt used Ling's hero and managed to do Savage in MPL Season 7. Through this article, VCGamers will tell you tips & tricks to build Alberttt's Ling!

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Ling ala Albert
Raptor Machete


If you use Ling, Vicigers must buy this Raptor Machete item. This item has an additional attribute of 50% damage given to monsters.

Not only that, if you use this item when you use a basic attack, this item can reduce the target's physical defense by 10 every 10 seconds and cause a slow effect to the target of 30% for 1.5 seconds.

And also this item can reduce the cooldown time every time you do a basic attack. This item also adds +30 Physical Attack and +15% Physical PEN, making Ling sicker when using this item.

Endless Battle

Albert's Ling
Endless Battle

Endless Battle has Unique Passive-Divine Justice which in 3 seconds when using a skill, the next basic attack will give an additional 60% for true damage from physical attacks with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. In addition to Divine Justice, Endless Battle also has a Unique Passive-Chase Fate where when the effect of Divine Justice is active, the movement speed of the hero who uses it will increase by 10%.

Endless Battle also has additional attributes, such as:

  1. +250 HP
  2. +5 Mana Regen
  3. +65 Physical Attack
  4. +5% Movement Speed
  5. +10% Physical Lifesteal
  6. +10% Cooldown reduction
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Albert's Ling
Berserker's Fury

Berserker's Fury is an item that you shouldn't miss when you want to build Alberttt's Ling. When using this item, the hero will get an additional attribute of +65 Physical Attack and +25% Critical Chance.

In addition, this item can also add +40 Critical Damage, this is what makes Ling sick when used. This item also has Unique Passive-Doom where a citical hit will increase the physical hero by 5% for 2 seconds.

The Berserker's Fury item is also a must-have item for junglers because the attributes given can help when jungling such as an additional +25% Critical Strike, +65 Physical Attack, and a unique passive +40% Critical Damage.

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Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword
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This item has a Unique Passive-Devour where Basic Attack can deal up to 9% of the remaining HP of the enemy target, it can also give additional physical damage of up to 60 to creeps and minions. Each basic attack used will give an additional 3% physical lifesteal for 3 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 times.

This item also has an additional attribute of +35 Physical Attack and +25% Attack Speed. With the item as well, Ling or other heroes who use it will get an additional attribute of +25% Attack Speed and +35 Physical Attack.



This Windtalker item has a Unique Passive-Typhoon where every 5-3 seconds a basic attack that hits 3 targets can give 150-362 magic damage to the target. After use, the cooldown effect will decrease when critical chance increases to 50% and damage increases to maximum and attack speed increases to 3.

This item can also deal additional 200% damage to minions and creeps and can become critical. Then in Unique Passive-Activate, every time a typhoon is used, the movement speed of the hero will increase by 5% even for a short time.

Inten Windtalker itself can add attributes of +40 Attack Speed, +20 Movement Speed, and +10% Critical Chance. This makes Ling sicker and the user can kill as many enemies as possible.

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Blade of Despair


When building the hero Ling, RRQ Alberttt did not hesitate to build this Blade of Despair item. The reason is, this item has additional attributes in the form of +160 Physical Attack and +5% Movement Speed.

This is what makes RRQ Alberttt respected on the Lawn of Dawn. In addition, Blade of Despair has a passive effect that can provide an additional Physical Attack of 25% if the opponent's HP is below 50%.

One thing to remember is that this item is quite expensive to buy, therefore Ling users who want to use this Blade of Despair item must be diligent in farming and killing as many enemies as possible in the early game.

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