Thoma's Burgeon Builds: Rotations, Team Comps, Weapons, and Artifacts

burgeon thoma artifact set
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Burgeon Thoma is one of the team comps for the character Thoma Genshin Impact that players are currently talking about. moreover, build this is thought to be the way of playing Thoma desired by developers miHoYo.

As the name implies, build it will use Burgeon's elemental reaction as its main attack and use Thoma as DPS.

This time, VCGamers will explain more about Burgeon Thoma in full.

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Burgeon Thoma Genshin Impact Build Recommendations

What is Burgeon?

elemental burning reaction for thoma's burgeon
Burning Is Another Form of Burgeon (source: VCGamers)

Burgeon is an elemental reaction that involves 3 elements reacting in Genshin Impact at once.

Dendro is the only element that can involve 3 elements where there is a reaction of elements from 2 different elements and another element is added to become a new elemental reaction.

There are two types namely development Dendro's elemental reactions. First, it is from 2 of the same elements and added elements from one of the elements and 3 different elements.

An example is Quicken. Quicken is an elemental reaction from Dendro and Electro. If you add the Dendro element, the Quicken reaction will change to Spread.

Meanwhile, Quicken which is added to the Electro element will turn it into Aggravate.

Elemental reactions of 3 different elements will go through Bloom. Bloom is an elemental reaction resulting from the reaction of the Dendro and Hydro elements.

Bloom will produce an object, namely a Seed or Dendro Core which will explode within a certain duration. 

There are 2 Bloom elemental reactions involving 3 different elements, namely Burgeon and Hyperbloom.

Hyperbloom is when the Dendro Core was given the Electro element. The Dendro Core will change to Sprawling Shot and provide AoE Dendro DMG with an AoE radius of 1 meter. 

Burgeon is the Dendro Core that is given the Pyro element. The Dendro Core will explode, dealing AoE Dendro DMG with an AoE radius of 5 meters and possibly causing a Burning reaction.

These two attacks will be counted 3 x multipler level. Enhancement damage only affected by:

  • Base DMG (which is obtained from leveling up the character)
  • Elemental Mastery
  • RES (enemies and characters)
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Build Burgeon Thoma

Burgeon Thoma is considered to be build optimal for today's Thoma. This is considered appropriate drip image Thoma's character wields the Kitain Spear, which has stat Elemental Mastery.

builds This Thoma will greatly strengthen the function of Elemental Burst, namely Crimson Ooroyoi. 

This attack deals AoE Pyro DMG for a certain duration making it perfect for Burgeon's reactions. Players must take into account the reaction time for Bloom before being turned into a Burgeon. 

Recommended by Team Comps Burgeon Thoma

urgeon thoma team comps
Team Comps (source: VCGamers)

Team comps or settings party for Thoma's burgeon it will involve 3 fixed elements namely: Hydro, Dendro, and Pyro.

Pyro will be obtained from Thoma as a DPS and which will imply Burgeon's reaction.

All Hydro characters can be used such as Ayato, Kokomi, Childe, Xingqiu, Barbara, and others. 

However, VCGamers himself prefers Hydro characters who give large or simultaneous AoE Hydro DMG such as Ayato, Kokomi, Yelan, and Xingqiu.

The Dendro element is a must in the team. The character you can use is Dendro support like Collei and Traveler Dendro.

For slots last character in party free as extra healer, shielder, or another Hydro or Dendro character.

However, VCGamers suggests filling in Anemo characters who can use artifacts Viridescent Venerer.

Viridescent Venerer will provide a bonus to lower the enemy's elemental RES if there is a Swirl reaction between Anemo and an element.

The characters that VCGamers recommend are Kazuha and Sucrose who have big AoE.

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Burgeon Thoma Game Rotation

burgeon thoma how to play rotation
Element Rotation To Activate Burgeon Reaction (source: VCGamers)

Attack rotation was essential to activating Burgeon Thoma's elemental reaction. 

If the sequence is wrong, it is very likely that the elemental Burgeon's reaction will not occur and activate other reactions such as Burning and Vaporize.

The steps for activating Burgeon using Thoma's Party arrangement, Hydro, Dendro, and Anemo characters are as follows:

  • Attack the enemy first with Hydro from Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst
  • Use the Anemo character (Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst) to produce a Swirl that lowers the enemy's Hydro RES. This is done to apply Hydro's elemental aura to all enemies when there are a lot of them.
  • Use Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill Dendro until the Dendro Core appears
  • Activate Thoma's Elemental Burst to hit the Dendro Core to activate Burgeon

If you don't use the Anemo elemental character, you can change that stage by activating Elemental Burst or Elemental Skill from the Dendro or Hydro characters alternately.

Burgeon Thoma Artifact Set Recommendations

burgeon artifact recommendation thoma crimson witch of flames
Crimson Witch of Flames Artifact Fit for Burgeon Thoma (source: VCGamers)

As previously discussed, Burgeon will be greatly influenced by Elemental Mastery, RES, and base ATK damage from increasing the character level.

On build Thoma's Bugeon, stat what you should prioritize the most is Elemental Mastery. At a minimum, Thoma should have at least 110 Elemental Mastery and it will get better the bigger it gets stat Possess Elemental Mastery.

You will also need a large Energy Recharge because Thoma is a character that has energy cost great for using elemental attacks.

There are 2 artifacts that VCGamers recommends are sets Crimson Witch of Flames 4-PC and Gilded Dreams 4-PC.

Crimson Witch of Flames will improve damage from Burgeon as much as 40%. Gilded Dreams will give buff in the form of Elemental Mastery of 50 for all characters in party.

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Weapon Burgeon Thoma's recommendations

burgeon thoma weapon missive windspear weapon
Missive Windspear Is Burgeon Thoma's Weapon Recommendation (source: VCGamers)

Burgeon Thoma will be more optimal if you use weapons which have sub stat Elemental Mastery or give bonuses to increase Elemental Mastery.

VCGamers recommends Dragon's Bane, Moonpiercer, and Kitain Spear to use on build this. 

Missive Windspear, polearms obtained from events Of Ballads and Brews on updates 3.1 is also great to use.

Another option is for you to use weapons with high Energy Recharges such as Skyward Spine, Engulfing Lightening, and others.

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