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Bren Esports Mobile Legends, a Strong Team from the Philippines

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Southeast Asia has many esports organizations that are strong in the context of the competitive esports scene, in particular Mobile Legends. One of the strongest esports organizations is Bren Esports, a team from the Philippines. The organization has 11 divisions for each esports branch, namely Mobile Legends, CS:GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival, Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, Overwatch, Valorant, PUBG, and Tekken 7.

This time, VCGamers will discuss Bren Esports, the Mobile Legends division. The division originates from the Philippines and includes the Mobile Legends division which is strong in esports competitions in the Philippines. The following is a discussion of the history, roster, and achievements that the team has achieved. Come on, see the discussion below!

History of Bren Esports

Brand Esports
Brand Esports. Source: Ligagame

Bernard Chong or Bren founded the organization on August 16 in 2017. After that, the Mobile Legends Bren Esports division was formed in 2018 according to Liquipedia.

Making their debut as a team in 2019, they have participated in various prestigious tournaments, for example, MPL Philippines Season 2.

The following season they also continued to take part in the MPL tournament series, namely MPL Philippines Season 3, to MPL Season 9. The results they got were also quite satisfying as the new Mobile Legends esports team.

Like other Mobile Legends teams, Bren Esports frequently changes rosters and players to improve the quality of the team's play. The organization also has achievements that deserve appreciation, including winning international scale tournaments.

VCGamers has compiled the current roster that is still actively playing for Bren Esports in the Mobile Legends division. Come on, see the discussion below!

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Bren Esports roster

Bren Esports roster
Latest Roster. Source: ONE Esports

In each role, there are two players who play for Bren Esports. For the EXP Lane position, there is David Charles Canon with the nickname FlapTzy and Vincent Unigo with the nickname Pandora. However, FlapTzy became the main EXP Laner for the team.

For the Jungler role, there are Kenneth Fedelin or Saxa and Michael Angelo Sayson or KyleTzy, with Saxa as the core player. He has signature heroes namely Hayabusa, Ling, and Karina.

The Mid Laner role is filled by Pheww (Angelo Kyle Arcangel) and Stowm (Dale Rolan Vidor), with Pheww as the core player. Pheww's signature heroes are Yve, Kagura, Pharsa, and Selena. Prior to playing for Bren Esports, he played for Cignal Ultra in 2018.

Jomari Pingol and Marco Stephen Requitano / Jowm and SUPER MARCO play for Bren Esports as Gold Laners. The two just joined in January 2022.

Finally, Joy Boy or Vincent De Guzman and Owgwen or Rowgien Stimpson Unigo are Roamer players for the Bren Esports team. Both of them are also classified as players who have just joined Bren Esports.

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Here is the current roster list for Vicigers to see easily, reported from the official page:

  • FlapTzy, David Charles Canon, EXP Lane
  • Pandora, Vincent Unigo, EXP Lane
  • saxa, Kenneth Fedelin, Jungler
  • KyleTzy, Michael Angelo Sayson, Jungler
  • Pheww, Angelo Kyle Arcangel, Middle
  • Stowm, Dale Rolan Vidor, Middle
  • jowm, Jomari Pingol, Gold Lane
  • SUPER MARCO, Marco Stephen Requitano, Gold Lane
  • Joy Boy, Vincent De Guzman, Roamer
  • Owgwen, Rowgien Stimpson Unigo, Roamer
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Current Achievements

M2 World Champions
M2 World Champions. Source: Twitter/@BrenEsports

Bren Esports made its debut in the realm of Mobile Legends esports in the Philippines MPL Season 2 tournament and won 2nd place or runner up. The next season, namely MPL Philippines Season 3, they again became runners up in the tournament.

Even though they won 5-6th place and 3rd place for MPL Philippines Season 4 and 5, they finally managed to win the prestigious tournament in the Philippines. Bren Esports are the champions of the MPL Philippines Season 6 tournament. They managed to beat Omega Esports in the final match with a score of 4:2. The total prize for the first place winner is $37,000 USD or the equivalent of 548 million Rupiah.

The biggest achievement for one of the strongest teams in the Philippines in terms of total prizes is winning the M2 World Championship. The tournament is an international scale tournament and is attended by many teams from all over the world.

They won the tournament by defeating Burmese Ghouls, a Mobile Legends team from Myanmar. They took home a prize of $140,000 USD or the equivalent of 2 billion Rupiah.

However, the team's performance after winning the M2 World Championship is considered to have decreased. They have not managed to qualify for the group stage in the MPL Philippines Season 8 and Season 9 tournaments.

Even so, their journey was still not over. They have a slot to compete in the MPL Philippines Season on August 10.

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MPL Season 10

MPL PH Season 10
MPL PH Season 10. Source: SPIN Esports

MPL Philippines Season 10 will be held on August 12 2022. Containing strong teams such as Blacklist International, Nexplay EVOS, ONIC PH, and others, this is a challenge for Bren Esports.

They have to show skills to achieve victory in the tournament. For Vicigers who support Bren Esports, don't forget to watch MPL Philippines Season 9 on August 12th and support them to become champions!

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