Best FF Slot Skills For OB35 Battle Royale Mode

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Getting a good ff slot skill combo is not an easy task. You should be able to choose the skills that match your playing style in OB35's Battle Royale mode.

The skill system is one of the most important game mechanics in Free Fire, with players forming combos with 1 active and 3 passive. Choosing a good ff slot skill combo will give players an edge in battle, especially in the highly competitive BR Free Fire mode.

In this article, VCGamers will show you some of the best ff slot skill combinations for BR mode on Free Fire OB35.

Best FF Slot Skill Combo List OB35

The characters in Free Fire MAX provide depth of gameplay with their unique abilities that help gamers improve their opponents on the battlefield.

Further options for making combinations create endless options to further mix and match their abilities, helping you gain the upper hand.

You can create ff slot skill combinations with four different abilities, with only one active at most. On the other hand, there is no such limit for the passive.

Because the former has a higher level of influence, many gamers use one active and the other three passive. Read on for the best ff slot skill combinations on Free Fire MAX after the OB35 update.

Alok + Jai + Hayato + D-Bee

skill slots ff
DJ Alok

Alok + Jai + Hayato + D-Bee is a combo rush or melee combat, with players engaging in close-quarters duels.

D-Bee's abilities will make it possible to use low-accuracy weapons like the MP40 much more effectively, while Jai's and Shirou's abilities give them an edge against multiple enemies. Active Alok provides some extra speed and utility.

Although Hayato is an ideal character to combo with D-Bee, you can change Hayato to Joseph or Shirou if you want. Joseph deals more mobility while Hayato deals more damage.

Homer + Shirou + Jota + Hayato

skill slots ff
Homer Free Fire

Homer's ability can completely immobilize an enemy for five seconds, preventing them from escaping or fighting back.

Jota's ability gives players a bit of sustain in a firefight while Hayato provides armor penetration. Combined with the drone effect, players should be able to win battles with ease.

Shirou's ability tracks the shooting player and grants an armor penetration bonus for the first hit against them.

While the tracking part is a bit useless up close, the AP bonus isn't. You can deal tremendous damage with a rifle or DMR when using it in tandem with this ability. When you get shot, it's pretty easy to follow the tracking to let go of the drone.

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K + Miguel + Jota + Leon

skill slots ff

This ff slot skill combo focuses heavily on healing, both during and after battle. K and Miguel revolve around the EP. 

Their skills give players free EP which can be burned to regenerate HP both in and out of battle. After the recent buff in the previous patch, K's abilities are much stronger now.

Jota and Leon's skills heal players both in and out of battle, allowing them to continue fighting without having to use a medkit. After eliminating the target, the player can only dodge briefly to get full HP.

Alok + Rafael + Dasha + Maro

skill slots ff

Alok + Rafael + Dasha + Maro is the perfect ff slot skill combo for long range combat using a sniper rifle.

Rafael's ability gives free dampers and fast bleeding effects in team matches. This solves the weakest part of snipers, because sometimes you can't finish the fallen enemies.

Maro is one of the few abilities in Free Fire that instantly increases damage – its value is based on the distance to the target. In sniper builds, Maro's ability gives the highest value.

Dasha's ability allows her to escape from any vantage point without taking any damage, her passive to reduce knock damage is absolutely insane.

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Dimitri + Kapella + Maro + Laura

skill slots ff

Healing heartbeat Dimitri creates a 3.5 meter wide healing zone where all allies recover 3 HP every second. While the zone is immovable, the options for self-recovery outweigh this con. This ability lasts for 10 seconds because the cooldown is 85 seconds.

Healing Heartbeat is similar to Alok but provides the added advantage of self-awakening in Free Fire MAX, which can be used successfully at a distance behind cover. Therefore, it is better to use a combination for mid-range or long-range combat.

Healing Songs increase the effects of healing items and skills in Free Fire MAX by 10 percent each. At the same time, allies experience a 20 percent HP drop when they fall.

It complements healing skills and can make Dimitri's abilities stronger, which even exceeds Alok's.

Maro increases the amount of damage inflicted on enemies by a distance of up to 5 percent at the initial level. Also, damage to marked enemies is increased by 1 percent. It plays a role in long range and helps take down enemies quickly.

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Sharp Shooter increases accuracy by 10 percent when the user is logged in, helping to land more shots at enemies at a distance. Furthermore, they will be able to hit more hits on moving targets.

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