5 Mobile Legends Heroes Who Have the Most Annoying Crowd Control, Anyone?

5 Mobile Legends Heroes Who Have the Most Annoying Crowd Control, Anyone?


hello buddy Vicigers, definitely know dong for loyal game players MOBA especially Mobile Legends, of course you already know what the term Crowd Control (CC) is?

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Yep, Crowd Control is the ability to make enemy heroes get a stun effect, or slow and immobilize.

Now, Vicigers if you meet a hero who has the ability as mentioned above, surely you will be made difficult because your movements are limited.

Such that VCGamers Tell me, Crowd Control is of course very important to have such a role when playing Mobile Legends, because it can limit the opponent's movement.

And not only that, Crowd Control can also function to protect your team's core heroes and do open wars when your team is in Gangbang

If your team doesn't have Crowd control heroes, one of the impacts is that heroes like fighters or assassins will dominate the game.

Immediately, let's go. Here are 5 heroes who have the most annoying Crowd Control abilities in Mobile Legends:

  1. Kaja
5 Mobile Legends Heroes Who Have the Most Annoying Crowd Control, Anyone?
Source : Google.com

According to VCGamers, the sickest crowd control hero in Mobile Legends is Kaja, who has 2 roles (Fighter and Support).

Kaja's skill also really gives a Crowd Control effect that makes your enemies die all the time

Skill 1 Kaja (Ring of Order), is able to create a wide circle and also inflict area damage to the enemy so that those affected by the damage will feel a slow effect.

And while Kaja's 2nd skill (Lightning Bomb), you will be made by Kaja to move in the specified direction and leave 3 balls at once which is able to make the enemy a slow effect and large magic damage when there are enemies nearby.

The most annoying Crowd Control skill is Kaja's Ultimate skill (Divine Judgment).

This skill allows Kaja to lock up one opponent, and pull it, then the opponent who is hit by Divine Judgment will definitely not be able to escape.

  1. Atlas
Source : Google.com


The second annoying CC Hero is Atlas, which has skills 1 and 2 when used simultaneously and can give a CC effect that slowly drains the enemy's blood.

The following is the first Skill 1 Atlas (Annihilate) which functions to slam his body to the ground to provide area damage and also a slow effect on the enemy.

Skill 2 (Perfect Match) also functions to split the body into 2 so that it can increase Movement Speed and Physical Defense.

When Atlas is reuniting with his body, he will give a stun effect to nearby enemies.

This ultimate skill that Atlas has is also able to provide a very annoying CC effect, which will attract all nearby opponents, then throw them together with himself in the specified direction.

  1. Khufra
Source : Google.com


Then there is the next most annoying CC Hero, Khufra who is also a Tank hero whose all skills are Crowd Control skills as well as stun or slow skills

Khufra's 1st skill (Tyrant's Revenge) will deal damage to enemies and knock up effects on enemies hit by the target.

Next, skill 2 (Bounce Ball) is able to turn Khufra into a bouncing ball if an enemy performs a blink skill when Khufra uses a Bouncing Ball, then the enemy will receive a Knock Up effect.

While his ultimate skill (Tyrant's Rage), Khufra will attract all enemy heroes around him and are immediately drawn to the front. Hmm, it really sucks Vicigers

If any enemy is pulled against the wall, then all the heroes will be stunned for a few seconds. How are you Vicigers

  1. Franco
Source : Google.com


The next pretty annoying CC Hero is Franco, who has crowd control skills on skill 1 (Iron Hook) which is able to stick a chain towards the enemy.

When an enemy is hit by Franco's chain or Hook it will be attracted to Franco and usually he will lock his opponent using the Bloody Hunt skill (Skill 3).

Opponents who are hit by the Bloody Hunt skill will definitely not be able to move anywhere, you know, guys!

  1. Chou
Source : Google.com


The last annoying CC Hero is Chou who is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends.

Heroes who have Chou's Skill are able to give Crowd Control effects to their opponents.

Like skill 1 (Jeet Kune Do) which makes Chou move 3 times where the first 2 moves will give a slow effect and the last 1 movement will stun and knock the enemy up.

Furthermore, Chou's 2nd skill (Shunpo) will make Chou's hero blink, when using Shunpo, Chou will be immune to any CC effects.

And the last one is The Way of the Dragon skill (Skill 3) which is able to lock the target and kick it in the direction that is determined really for the enemy not to move Vicigers

But before using this ultimate skill, you can use skills 1 and 2 first to give a deadly or more painful damage effect


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