5 Hero Counter Hanzo MLBB, Shadows are Useless!

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These are Hanzo's five counter heroes MLBB very powerful, you must know the list! Don't miss the info in this post.

Hanzo is an assassin who is very popular among Mobile Legends players because his skills are quite annoying. Hanzo is one of the heroes with an assassin role in Mobile Legends who is still banned from Ranking mode subscriptions because it is considered quite inconvenient and quite overpowered.

Hanzo himself has a special ability where he can change in spirit mode or shadow mode when using his ultimate skill. This is Hanzo's counter hero in Mobile Legends!

Moreover, the skill that can steal the opponent's buff quickly and effectively, namely Skill 1 is very impractical.

In this case, we have provided five Hanzo MLBB counter heroes that you need to know from now on to avoid the theft of buffs by this annoying hero.

List of Hero Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends

What's interesting about his ultimate skill is that he turns into a ghost or shadow that leaves his original body. The damage inflicted by the attack skill is quite large and of course very painful.

This hero is also quite frustrating because it has skills that can be used to steal enemy buffs easily. We will discuss the Counter Hanzo Mobile Legends hero here for Vicigers friends.


Hero Counter Hanzo

Natalia is the first hero we most recommend as a Hanzo counter hero, because this one hero can disappear without being caught and immediately look for Hanzo's whereabouts and kill him.

Natalia is one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who has a special ability that can disappear by silence for a few seconds on the grass. While in disappear mode, you will not be able to see Natalia on the map.

This hero is very suitable to be Hanzo's counter hero because when Hanzo is in Shadow mode, Natalia can easily find her real body anywhere. After that he can give combo skills to his real body until he dies.


Hero Counter Hanzo

Just like Natalia, Helcurt also has an ulti that allows him to run fast and search for the whereabouts of Hanzo's real body and kill him instantly.

Helcurt is also one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who is also Hanzo's counter hero. Helcurt can darken the atmosphere and can immediately approach him with his blink skill. That way Helcurt can directly attack Hanzo with his combo skill and can defeat Hanzo easily.


Hero Counter Hanzo
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For Aldous himself, his Ultimate is very useful here, because it can hit Hanzo's real body directly, even though Hanzo is in his shadow mode at the time.

Aldous is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends which can also be used for counter Hanzo Mobile Legends heroes. Aldous can use his ultimate skill to find out where is the position of Hanzo's real body. That way you can find his real body easily thanks to this ultimate skill from Aldous.

Yi Sun Shin

Hero Counter Hanzo

Just like Aldous, Yi Sun Shin relied heavily on Ultimate to know where Hanzo's real body was. Yi Sun Shin fits perfectly into Hanzo's current counter hero.

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Hero Counter Hanzo

Unlike the heroes above, before he can spend his Ultimate, Johnson must first find Hanzo's location and then hit him with Ultimate mode.

Johnson himself is also a Hanzo ML counter hero. This hero tank has the ability to turn into a car and can circle the map easily.

By utilizing his ultimate skill, of course you will easily find his real body. You can also hit him and keep attacking him until he dies. That way the hero can be defeated easily.

So that's the explanation of the Hanzo ML hero counter that we have discussed. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you.

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