5 Most Awkward Fortnite Emotes of All Time!

One of the many things that makes Fortnite famous for its uniqueness is that there is so much variety emoticons that the player can use. Emotes itself is a specific movement or dance that players can use in games represented by the characters in games the.

However, as time goes by, often times emoticons it is used for fun, making fun of, or celebrating a win. However, some emoticons not the most popular and considered enough awkward by many communities, though not all, yes. There are many emoticons which is good too, how come, which is used daily by players all over games. Nevertheless, below are 5 emoticons enough top awkward to use and the reasons why. Let's check this out!

1. Pon Pon

Pon Pon emotes this is awarded to players who buy it from the Ninja set for 300 V-Bucks. Awkward here in the sense that his movements are so silent and lifeless. Yes, take a look at the video above, even for an hour the movements are monotonous and repetitive like that continuously. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with this movement, but for those who understand it, it is considered a laughing stock.

Nonetheless, it is used by many as a celebratory gesture, as it is told in games this that Ninjas do in real life. It's just that, for users it is still considered awkward when used in everyday conversation as a joke like tweets below this.

2. Paws and Claws

Alright, alright. You don't have to watch it over and over again, considering that the movements are more or less monotonous than the Pon Pon emotes above. The difference, that in this one emote is a captain deadpool was waddling around moving his body as a representation of the "miauw" sound of a spoiled cat. That movement you know which looks like it represents all the cats scratching as part of the meaning of wanting something from their master.

This emote was introduced to players in Chapter 2 – Battle Pass Season 2. Even though this is emoticons the first to use the lyrics, the use of the lyrics too awkward also the point. The point is that whenever there is an emote nomination,awkward, this one emote really fits!

3. The Flow

Introduced to players in October 2020, emoticons this confuses players in all parts of games. Often, influencer do their best, and influence other media with their presence. Well, that's what happened with emotes awkward this one, The Flow. 

Actually that awkward of his dance moves when to be more precise this is not a dance move. The movement of the emotes of The Flow, apart from the song which has strange lyrics, the movement is also only about looking down, going up again, rowing, the point is strange.

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