12 Video Games with the Shortest Duration in the Universe! – Part 3

#7 – Far Cry 4

Am I the only one if you see late name games this, read it so "Fachry"? Gamers may already be familiar, definitely why games this kind of Far Cry 4 can be included in the series games the shortest duration. In fact, for connoisseurs games Those who don't know for sure will be shocked.

Believe no believe, Far Cry 4 itself is recognized to be completed in just 15 minutes! Gamers Of course, you have to know the facts first. To be able to finish games this in 15 minutes you just do the easy thing.

Play the role of Ajay Ghale (indeed a bit of an Indian feel the hell this) para gamers will go on a personal mission to lay the ashes of his late mother in his birthplace i.e. Kyrat. Unfortunately, that simple mission turns into a disaster after you get involved in a showdown between the Golden Path, a warrior from the land of Kyrat and Pagan Min, a tyrant who rules Kyrat.

At the beginning of the game you will be given a banquet by an antagonist character named Pagan Min. That's when you were told to wait for Min to take the food. At this moment you can make a choice, namely to leave to start the mission or wait for Min to return. At least Min will be back in 15 minutes.

#8 – Transistor

Transistor is a games which can be categorized as games genre actions – Role Playing Game aka RPG. Released in 2020, Games it was developed by Supergiant Games which was previously popular through action games RPG titled Bastion.

Maybe before gamers I think Transistor won't be much different from Bastion considering the genre and developer are the same. But believe me, even though it's not as cool as Bastion, Transistor still adheres to a variety of charming elements such as real-time strategy, upgrade, and of course settings world cyberpunk which so cool. The transistor is a games which is guaranteed to provide a very similar visualization but at the same time also very different from Bastion. How that means yes? The main thing is, so hehe.

The game is indeed as short as 6-7 hours, but all the elements presented are packaged perfectly. In a para . transistor gamers will control Red, the most popular female singer in Cloudbank, the city that lies behind survival games this.

When he just started the game, Red wakes up in a very chaotic state. He lay beside the corpse of a dead man with a giant sword stabbing him. The uniqueness lies in the sword which turns out to have the ability to speak. Unfortunately, Red is unable to answer the sword because his voice was picked up by The Camerata organization which is responsible for the misfortune that befell him. The story continues to be a revenge story for Red who intends to hold The Camerata accountable for what they did.

#9 – Need for Speed The Run

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Games next coming from games who havegenre racing. when in games with the longest duration there is Gran Turismo, then in the game with the fastest duration there is Need for Speed The Run. Games it only takes about four hours to get para gamers finish.

It's also not surprising that the game released in 2010 ended quickly because this game only tells the story of a race that demands players gamers Run tournaments with hundreds of racers in different worlds from deserts, plain mountains, to icy mountains. Even so, it seems that Need for Speed aka NFS this time wants to give the sensation of racing by presenting a story that is both tense and exciting.

Para gamers will be faced with a myriad of cutscene like a hollywood movie in every cutscene itself exists as an action element along with Quick time events, where gamers must press certain buttons listed on the monitor screen.

This game also feels dramatic because there are many unexpected events when you are racing. Gamers will play a great racer Jack Rourke, not told in detail the hell, but Jack has a big problem that endangers his life, because Jack has a fairly large debt with the mafia whose origins are not clear.

At the start of the game, gamers already served cutscene thrilling, where gamers are trapped in a car crusher, with little action quick time events, gamers here are trying to escape, that's the point.

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