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Hey Vicigers, do you know that being a gamer is 'sometimes' synonymous with being labeled 'anti-social' or you could say that you rarely hang out. But what happens if these so-called anti-social gamers get together with other gamers? Yes, they will form an association that we often call the gamers community.

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Games & Communities

What exactly is that community? You could say in a narrow sense, a community is a group in which there are people who have an interest in the same thing. So basically, gamers are actually not anti-social, but rather want to gather and interact with those who also have the same interest, namely games.

Well, usually in a game, be it a console game or an online game, there must be a community. Moreover, online games, with the interaction in the game with other players, it is not uncommon for them, after doing several matches/playing together, in the end they have a match and agree to join the same guild/group/game community.

When a gamer has entered the community, consciously or unconsciously they will feel the benefits of joining the community. What are the benefits of joining a gaming community?

  • Have Many New Friends

When we join or join a community, whatever it is. Surely we will meet and make many new friends, whether it's just virtual friends or friends from inside or outside the city who turn out to have the same hobbies with us. With many new friends from the community, it will be easy for us to build friendships in the game as well.

  • Sharing Knowledge and Strategy

When we meet new friends in the gaming community, of course we will talk a lot and share about the knowledge and tricks of the games we play. That's where we will get knowledge from other players who may be pro/advanced and we can apply the tips and tricks when we play.

  • Train Skill

Surely you don't want it, your game playing skills just stop there. Well, when you join a gaming community, of course gamers will play together, and that's the moment where they can see each other's team/community skills which they can then imitate and develop as well.

Esports & Online Gaming Community

If we're discussing the gaming community, of course we'll be discussing the game too. Both console games (such as PlayStastion, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.) as well as online PC/mobile games, must have their own communities. However, it is undeniable that online PC/mobile games do have a very large number of communities compared to consoles.

Maybe there is an influence, too, during this pandemic, people are spending more time at home, so they have a lot of time to play games, especially PC/mobile online games.

Some of these PC/mobile online games don't only have 1 or 2 types, there are many types of PC/mobile online games such as MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle), MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), FPS (first person shooter) , or one of the online game genres that is being played a lot, namely 'survival' or survival.

From the types of games above, we can see that these games are very well known for their wide community and the level of difficulty of the games that require teamwork to play and win.

Because it requires good teamwork, not a few of several online gaming communities finally form a team, where they can compete between teams in a game tournament that is held. This is where we learn about online game competitions or what is commonly referred to as esports.

Esports itself is a sport that uses games as its main competitive tool. In esports there are also athletes who play games in their fields or fields, such as Dota 2, Mobile Legend, PUBG, League of Legends, etc. Well, from these games, there are several gaming communities in Indonesia that are indeed active in carrying out activities with their members broadly.

Some Famous Game Communities

  • Indonesian DOTA 2 Community

DOTA 2, which is a game made by Valve, with the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle) genre, is a legendary game and produces many high-class players who are able to compete with each other. Some examples of global communities or teams are Team Secret, Liquid, Nigma, Na'Vi, Alliance, Quincy Crew, Evil Genuises, OG, PSG.LGD, VICI Gaming and many more.

This game is very popular, because the prizes offered in international competitions reach millions of dollars. Not only abroad, in Indonesia there are also well-known teams or communities such as BOOM ID and Evos.

Poster for the DOTA 2 Major Event from Bookmyshow (Image: kincir.com)

The Indonesian Dota 2 community has also held activities in collaboration with the CGV cinema and bookmyshow by holding the nobar (watching together) the final of the DreamLeague Major in theaters on March 24, 2019. This Nobar not only invites DOTA 2 fans to come, but is also open to the general public for those who are curious about the tournament.

  • West Jakarta MLBB Community (WESTJ MLBB)

Yes, who doesn't know Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB). This game released by Moonton is very famous in Indonesia because it is very easy to get through the play store / app store. The MLBB community in Indonesia is already very large and spread across various regions.

This game is not only played by adults, but also many small children who are already proficient in playing it. The number of heroes and skins offered in this game is indeed one of the things that attracts the interest of the players.

WestJ MLBB Community Logo
WestJ MLBB Community Logo (Image: WESTJ MLBB Group Facebook Page)

One of the communities of this MLBB game is WESTJ MLBB, the MLBB community from West Jakarta. WESTJ MLBB is one of the official communities registered in Community Hero Mobile Legends, an official program from Mobile Legends for players to be able to communicate with other players and learn to play together.

From the WESJ MLBB Facebook group page, this community is domiciled around the Bina Nusantara campus area or commonly known as Binus. Its members already consist of 142 people and it is not uncommon for them to post posts to invite each member who is online on their Facebook page to invite each other.

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